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President Donald Trump, under pressure to resign after being accused of inciting a deadly breach of the U.S. Capitol last week, said Tuesday there is "tremendous anger" among his supporters about moves to impeach him but added he did not want violence.

"I want no violence," Trump told reporters as he left for a trip to the border wall in Alamo, Texas.

Asked whether he feels any responsibility the Capitol attack, Trump said his words to supporters on Wednesday were "totally appropriate."

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  • So what are we supposed to do to a thief caught red handed now pointing a gun at us, and he’s not holding some plasma tv but our livelihood and freedom!

    • what we need to do is pray and take action.


    • Hey! Oleg the real question we should be asking is where do we go from here? because this election is not a real election the Democratic party hate Trump they don't want him in office they try to be like God it is the wrong thing to do.


    • Oleg, you are supposed to listen to Trump, support and follow him. He has his reasons if he is calling for calm now. Trust the man. He speaks the truth, he keeps his promises, he knows what he is doing.

    • Paul, Trump didn't win yet had the full power given to him under our constition to win, what's he going to do when he has no power other than some alternate twitter account?  We have a country with an imposter president, and our constitution says what needs to be done, not our soon to be Mr. Trump

    • Oleg, how did Trump have the full power given to him under our constition to win? 

  • it's time for the American people see this for what it is, the Democrats hate Trump ever since he won the election on 2016 they wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election it did npot happen, and now the democrats is playing God for what happened in this election they better watch it because one of things that God hate is bear false witness that is in the book of proverbs.

  • Then start by signing my petition and finding a lawyer to help fight the tyranny. I have been asking people to for months. If we can get 75 million signatures, then we will win in court. We have been harmed by our givernment. It is time for legal action, which is not violent and will put us on course to fund our new party.

    • change .org is not a consevatives website.


    • I know but it is the only place I know to have people sign a petition. If enough sign it then it will be plastered on all sites.

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