Trump has reacted strongly to his former attorney general Bill Barr’s criticism in an interview earlier on Friday, characterizing him as ‘weak, ineffective, and completely terrified of being impeached,’ after Barr criticized him in the interview.

During Barr’s interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Trump was furious that the former attorney general said Trump was ‘responsible’ for the January 6 insurrection, and surrounded himself with a ‘clown show’ of lawyers.


He also said he was prepared to resign if necessary. President Trump says he forced Barr to resign as a result of his actions.

‘Former Attorney General Bill Barr wouldn’t know voter fraud if it was staring him in the face – and it was,’ President Trump said in a statement on Friday.

‘The fact is, he was weak, ineffective, and totally scared of being impeached, which the Democrats were constantly threatening to do. They ”broke” him.’



Trump said that Barr ‘should have acted much faster on the [special counsel Robert] Mueller report’ and accused Barr of allowing ‘the fake Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax to linger.’

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    • We haven't always agreed in the past, but I'm hard pressed not to agree with anything you have just said.

    • I agree with you entirely and totally.  Trump was and is a good man.  He proved clearly inadequate and so far shows no signs of learning much.  This faker is old hat being as nasty as ever she was.  She wants to be aggreessive, I say bring it.  I'll kick the shit out her on whatever terms she cares to choose.  The one thing she won't do is talk issues, or debate what we consider to be Trump's failures, which overshadow, loom over everything good he did accomplish.  And that's because she can't.  Have you ever noticed Trump never lets anyone ask him questions?  He is never in an arena where people ask him questions.  He picks all his spots, rallys, talk shows, interviews.  He never goes and "Presses the flesh," as they say.  

    • I guess I struck a nerve troll. If you knew anything the new republicans stand for America first. Unlike you that bends to whatever direction the wind blows. I have served this Country and watched my brothers in arms die for a lie perpetrated by a Republican President to line his pockets and the warmongers pockets. Kiss my rosey white ass with you sanctamonious bullshit. You will sit like a baby on the sidelines when armed resistance becomes necessary. My brothers and I will take this Country back from the armpit of hell that it is in. Don't worry your pretty little head. We won't throw you out.


    • Call someone a obscene name in public and you might just get your lights punched out.  That's not striking a nerve.  That's learning respect and how the world works.  Now it's not just you.  Now you're talking for a movement?  How mice do you have in your pocket anyway loudmouth?  And what do you know about Jea9 anyway?  How do you know who bends what way you potty mouth cretin?  Personally, I think you're full of shit.  How about that?  War dead in your arms and you can't wait to tell all about it.  All mouth.   

    • Bending to tbe wind is the last thing I would ever do. As for you, get your rosey band of brothers and lead instead of sitting here shooting off your rude mouth.

    • Not to mention all the opposition from his own political party (a.k.a. the rinos) Everything Trump tried to do they wouldn't help him. Did he fix our energy problem? Yes he did and Biden reversed everything and now we have the energy problem again. Almost everything mlopez lopez said involves the DOJ that is controled by Obama holdovers and NO Trump can't fire them. Trump couldn't find anyone he could trust. So many people were stabbing him in the back. So much corruption.

      mlopez lopez
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    • Sounds like Trump was unprepared for what awaited him.  Trump didn't have a team.  Trump didn't have anyone he could trust.  Trump didn't know how to proceed.  He couldn't control his DOJ and he couldn't control his own appointees.  He couldn't even protect the electoral integrity of the election although he had months and months of warnings. 

      Trump himself warned the nation about what was about to happen on the TV, in front of the entire nation and then proved unable to do anything to defend us.  Trump lost our republic.  He was President.  It was on his watch.  You can vote for and believe whatever you please.  

  • Barr is weak, pathetic like all traitors, and there are many. He's a fake phony, ugly on the inside and outside. I hope he slips on a banana peel.

  • Barr  is a failure.   He didn't do his job.

    President Trump has more support than at the 2020 election.   If the election were held this November, he would begin cleaning up the mess of the current maladministration.

    • They would simply rig any new election like last time. They have no fear.

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