Trump has reacted strongly to his former attorney general Bill Barr’s criticism in an interview earlier on Friday, characterizing him as ‘weak, ineffective, and completely terrified of being impeached,’ after Barr criticized him in the interview.

During Barr’s interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Trump was furious that the former attorney general said Trump was ‘responsible’ for the January 6 insurrection, and surrounded himself with a ‘clown show’ of lawyers.


He also said he was prepared to resign if necessary. President Trump says he forced Barr to resign as a result of his actions.

‘Former Attorney General Bill Barr wouldn’t know voter fraud if it was staring him in the face – and it was,’ President Trump said in a statement on Friday.

‘The fact is, he was weak, ineffective, and totally scared of being impeached, which the Democrats were constantly threatening to do. They ”broke” him.’



Trump said that Barr ‘should have acted much faster on the [special counsel Robert] Mueller report’ and accused Barr of allowing ‘the fake Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax to linger.’

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  • He had four years.  Unless there was a plan going on that we don't know about yet, that was a ton of wasted time. Whatever happened to LOCK HER UP? !

    • Yes he had four years and kept his promises. How is your boy Joe doing? I think you owe everyone a lot of money for the Bidenflation that you caused by voting for him. Lock her up does not happen by executive order dumbass. It takes the DOJ that is run by the attorney general Barr. A useless piece of crap like you. Go to your uncle Joe, it's time for his nap.

    • Biden isn't our boy at all.  Trump was our boy and it is because of his abject failures that Biden has been installed as pretender President today.  The president is the chief law enforcement officer of the land so actually he is in charge of, and is responsible for, the DOJ and, the AG works for him and under his direction, when we have a president who actually knows what he's suppposed to be doing.  In fact, I and half a dozen others had this very argument with a gal who proved to be too obtuse to be able to absorb the facts of how power is delageted in the executive branch.  Isn't that a coicidence and I'm a man who generally doesn't believe in coincidences. 

  • Trump continues to demonstrate he still hasn't figured it out.  He says that Democrats and fear of impeachment broke Barr.  Hey Donald wake up!  Barr was never your guy and he just acted as, if he was afraid of Democrats and impeachment.  And you were just too dumb and cowardly, confused and clueless to fire him.  Barr made a chump out of you, as did Sessions and just about everyone else.  And now you truly frighten me as you keep saying things that indicate you still haven't learned a God damned thing.

    Here's the thing Donald, "You know man, the thing": if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  You're vacuuming up all the money.  You're sucking all the oxygen out of the room, but your failure to exhibit bold, daring and decesive leadership, your failure to demonstrate any deeper understanding of the problems you are confronting are deeply disturbing.

    • Obviously your an idiot. Republicans love Donald Trump because he sees a problem and fixes it. Every promise he made he has kept. More than people can say for you. It must realy suck being a RINO like you who tries to spew his crap and blame others only to find out others are not having it. Donald Trump was the greatest president of all time and when he wins (obviously without your vote) he will again return America to the leader of the free world it had been under his first four years. Showing pathetic losers like you that a true leader can succeed even when everyone around him tries to sabotage him (something a weazle like you knows a lot about). Trolls like you are a dime a dozen but your not even worth that much.


    • Well said.


    • Unlike you, I am not an idiot and here's a "Heads up."  When you call someone an idiot you should say, "You're an idiot," "you're" being a contraction, which you are substituting for "you are."  You said, "Your an idiot."  You called me an idiot using "your," a personal pronoun, which denotes possesion.  If your intention is to deride someone, calling them an idiot, you should at least demonstrate a fith grade proficiency in your own native language, don't you think?  But then I'm guessing all that is right by you as in being too stupid even to be embarrassed in public.

      Republicans love Donald Trump you claim, becauses he sees a problem and he fixes it.  Is that what you're claiming?  What did he fix?  Did he fix the border?  Did he fix Sanctuary cities?  Did he fix internet censorship by Silicone Valley?  Did he Fix the four big banks?  Did he fix the federal reserve?  Did he fix inflation?  Did he fix our energy problem?  Did he arrest any of the criminals in our federal government?  Did he fix the State Department?  Did he fix the Pentagon?  Did he fix the joint chiefs ?  Did he fix the FBI?  Did he fix the FISA courts?   Ding dong, Trump diodn't even have the courage to investigate Hillary.  Your Trump turned out to be a flim flam man, a spineless coward who talks like a marketing sales man, takes you money and sells you sizzle.

      All Trump did was make you feel good about yourself, which isn't very hard since you're not very intelligent and easy to fool.  What promises did he make?  Well he promised to secure the border, and, well actually Trump promised to fix all the things I just asked about.  They are worse today than ever.  Trump signed executive orders and fought a rear guard action for four years.  He never took the offensive and he never truly fixed anything, not a God damned thing.

      If you hired me to go and fix the barn and I went out and nailed a little here and nailed al ittle there and got the doors to swing open and closed and tomorrow the barn fell down, would you go around telling everyone I fixed the barn?  I ask because that is exactly what Trump did.  Everything is an order of maginitude worst today than before he took office.  I'm betting you don't even know what an order of magnitude is.  Well do you?  

      Trump picked a vice President and two, not one, but two attorney Generals who were, all three of them traitors.  What does that say about Trump as a judge of character and what might be more important for an executive, or a commander in chief to possess that good judgement?   Trump praised General Mathis still another traitor.  Who exactly told you I don't keep my promises?  I wouldn't know about what sucks, or who sucks, but you seem very confident making such statements.  I wonder how you come to know about those sort of things.  Are you a soy boy faggot, or just a foul mouthed jerk?  

      Who told you I was a RINO?  It just so happens I voted for Trump twice.  I have never voted for a RINO, never in my whole life and unlike you, I am actually intelligent enough to know the difference.  I am just enjoying listening to the likes of you speaking for all Republicans, making determinations as to who is pathetic and who is a loser.  Trump was a true leader is that what you say?  Trump has been making big noise all gold leaf and glitz, marketing and Soupy Sales since the 1970's, promising to run for president.  When he finally does in 2016, he is like the dog that caught the car.  He gets tumbled and trashed.  He doesn't know what to do with it.  Trump was clearly out classed from the first day he got in office.  He was confused, didn't have a plan, didn't have a team, in fact he didn't have a clue.  Every appointment he made was a catastrophre.  New Republican, that's you.  OK well you deserve what you're getting because you're too stupid to be free.  You need $6 a gallon gasoline because you won't have a job to go to soon enough and I hope you're enjoying freezing your ass off this winter.  If you're not, you will be next winter because the prices aren't going down.  They're going up Forest Gump.  You see stupidity such as yours comes with a cost.  Complain to Trump.  He's your President.  He won the election and you voted for him.  I'd guess the cat got your tongue.

      Oh you do me an injustice little miss penis envy.  You are a girl aren't you?  You sure sound like a shriveled up old bitty, nasty and dried up.  I'm no weasel deary.  I have opinions and I'm intelligent and I can think and I walk and talk, a free man.  Nor am I any  troll.  I'd bet you can't even define what a troll actually is?  It's ok, this is an open book exam.  You can look it up, if you like.

      Now hear this.  Trump swore to uphold and preserve the constitution and come to find out he couldn't even secure the election.  As a result he couldn't even protect himself.  Everyone has heard me say it a dozen times.  Trump got kicked to the curb like a bag of trash because as soon as he came across the real men they shit all over him.  Trump never and I suspect even to this day still doesn't understand the basic nature of the problem he is facing.  That's what is pathetic and that is the definition of what a loser is not a leader.  We lost our republic and it was on Trump's watch when it happened.  I'll  leave you to make whatever excuses you care to make, but those set of facts don't change. 

      America was overthrown in a coup, an electoral fraud and a half demented pupet Biden was installed.  The year was 2020 and it happened on Trump's watch.  I told you numb nuts, there is nothing weasel about me.  I'm standing up and in your face.  I'm informed and intelligent and I know what I'm talking about.  You're the ignoramous who hasn't made one point to refute any claim I have made.  Not today under this fake name and not ever under your real name either.



    • You, of all people, have a helluva lot of nerve in accusing anyone of misuse of the english language.   fith grade?????  catastrophre??????  pupet?


      Enuff said.   I wouldn't touch the rest of your diatribe with a 50 foot pole.

    • You couldn't lift a 50' pole and you can't handle my comments either.    Those were typing mistakes and I don't bother to reread, or spell check my statements when I dress down barn yard morons.  I wast enough time just writing as fast as I can.  Typos and misspellings don't negate any of the points I've made over a dozen times now on this site alone.  Otherwise, everyone is entittled to his, or her own opinions.  You can't debate with narrow and, or closed minded people and I for one, no longer care to try.  When I hire someone to perform a service and he does a lousy job, I usually hire someone else next time.  If and when I decide to use him again, I've lost all reason to compalin when he fails to satisfy again.  

      I'll just leave you to explain and change the world with your truckers.  Do let me know what is they accomplish in the end, or whatever it is that you think you understand, or have learned when it's all over.

    • And Trump fired Barr, right?

      And Comey right? Trump fired a good man like Flynn on the advice of a bad man like Pence. Trump betrayed Judge Roy Moore. 

      Trump was excellent in showing his love for America and Americans, for Veterans, for Patriots, for Israel and for the Church in America. Trump helped wake people up and create excitement for America instead of apathy. He deserves much credit for that as it led to righteous civil disobedience that we are now seeing everywhere. 

      Trump was also excellent in treaties. He rocked in treaties.  He united the ME in better relationships with Israel. He did what he could with a non-compliant and backstabbing R party on his heels.

      I do not stand for this government. I stand first for for my God Who art in Heaven.

      After that I stand for only the Republick for which none of us have ever known. I owe nothing to this damn bankrupted corporate cabal pretending like Joe to be our government. 

      I vote R only because there is no choice.  They suck most of them because they stand for nothing except compromise and favors. I am a R Precinct Comittee Person however I owe the R's nothing exceot to keep my word and my commitment. And to learn and speak up. I have already seen corruption in action. 

      So how are you a "New Republican" when you act like fanboy instead of showing needed discernment? Fanboys are part of the problem in case you haven't noticed. 

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