Actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a movie set and killed the cinematographer, authorities said. The director of the Western being filmed was also wounded, and authorities are investigating what happened.

Halyna Hutchins, cinematographer on the movie “Rust,” and director Joel Souza were shot Thursday on the rustic film set in the desert on the southern outskirts of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County Sheriff’s officials said.

A spokesperson for Baldwin said there was an accident on the set involving the misfire of a prop gun with blanks, though a charge without a metal projectile is unlikely to kill at a moderate distance. Sheriff’s spokesman Juan Rios said detectives were investigating how and what type of projectile was discharged.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported the 63-year-old Baldwin was seen Thursday outside the sheriff’s office in tears, but attempts to get comment from him were unsuccessful.

Hutchins, 42, was airlifted to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where she was pronounced dead by medical personnel, the sheriff's department said. Souza, 48, was taken by ambulance to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, where he is undergoing treatment for his injuries.

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  • Ron, Actors are "Handed their Prop equipment" down through a "Prop Manager." The Manager is in charge of all Stage Materials including Stage Firearms (actors do not bring their own weapons with notable exceptions of John Wayne), and these Firearms are prepared and loaded by or under the direct supervision of the Prop Master, signature required for each process, and with "No requirement for Live Ammunition" normally being used on/at any Stage/Setting, instead relying on Squibs, and timed/triggered explosive packets. This is an "Art of Illusion!" These are Actors and Supporting Film Arts Personnel, not Boot Camp Grads moving on to OCS. With Baldwin's propensity towards being an idiot, no normal right minded person would possibly be near him knowing he could potentially have "A Live Weapon" in his hands.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Known drunks should be kept away from anything that may do potential harm to others.  Guns, knives, vehicles, et al.  The man Is ticking time bomb.  Just look at his past public outrageous confrontations.  His abusive rant left on his daughter's phone.  

    • No kidding... read what I posted earlier.  I said the prop-manger would be responsible for supplying the firearm and its ammo to Baldwin... That Balwin probably did not check the weapon personally, even if he knew how.   

      I also stated that in SOME CASES live ammo may be used on a set in a film... that it is possible  the weapon given to Baldwin had live ammo in it, either earlier or for use that day in another scene... and was improperly cleared and issued to Baldwin.  We don't know the type of weapon used, and being trained as an infantry officer, before a branch transfer to the Corps of Engineers I am well trained in the use of various types of weapons and the proper procedures to clearing them. Something unusual occurred here.  We need to wait for the investigation to report on their findings.  Baldwin may have been given the wrong prop.  

    • It appears I was correct, the weapon was loaded with live rounds earlier on the set without being properly cleared and secured... it was improperly returned to the prop manager.

      Due to a failure to apply a series of standard safety protocols for firearms... a weapon loaded with live rounds ended up being issued to Baldwin, who then recklessly discharged it on set, injuring one and killing another. Criminal negligence appears to have occurred and the proper manslaughter charges should follow.

      This whole incident points out just how dangerous mishandling loaded weapons can be and how safety must take precedent over expedience and financial consideration.  The Prop Manager, Baldwin, and others may be implicated as criminally culpable we shall see what the local prosecutor does.

    • What about never point a gun at somebody unless you intend to shoot them?  I was trained by the US Navy with the proper use of the colt .45  semi automatic. I use the word semi because  the liberal media always called it a full automatic. 

  • They have already wiped Halyna Hutchins' Twitter account.


  • It is absolutely impossible even to an untrained eye not to discuinguish the difference between a "Live Round and a Blank!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain 

    • Do we even know the type of weapon used... if it was loaded with a clip or magazine... the rounds are not visible.  I doubt that Baldwin cleared the weapon before firing it.. it was probably handed to him immediately before filming the scene. 

      As usual, you jump to conclusions without the facts.  Even if it were a revolver one would have to look into the wrong end of the weapon to see if it was loaded with lie rounds or open the cylinder and take each round out and inspect it.  Wad-Cutters may appear as blanks if one only glances at the rounds in the weapon. An AR 15 would require the user to remove the magazine from the weapon to check the rounds loaded... something an actor may fail to do if in a hurry -to film a scene.

      Again, we simply don't have all the facts.. we need to wait for the details... with Baldwin's temperament, someone on the set may have set him up... who knows? 

    • I would also suggest that movie blanks are different than ordinary blanks available to individuals... as they must cycle the weapon without a blank adapter and therefore use heavy wadding to trap more gas for blowback or gas-induced cycling of the weapon.  Blank adapters are visible in films and are required to cycle semi-auto and automatic weapons when using ordinary blanks.  The danger from using a blank capable of cycling a semi-auto or automatic weapon is much greater than ordinary blanks.  

      We simply must wait for the full investigation before jumping to a conclusion...

  • See guns don't kill; Fools do. 

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