• If you want to keep Apple from deleting your Parler App go to this link

    How To Stop The Parler App From Being Deleted Off Your Phone
    Big tech has ramped up it's assault on free speech by deleting the Parler app from their online stores; here is how you can protect the app if you al…
  • The Construction of the United State gives us Freedom of Speech, Twitter has no power to silence me, the man on the moon has more power than the employees and owner from Twitter.

    • Lorenzo, they have been censoring conservatives for 4 years!!!!!

  • I am 100% behind Trump as all ways I will never back down,

    • Jeff, I am too!!!!!

    • same here


    • Jeff, I love your resolve. I wish everyone on this site has the same dedication as you have. Alas, there are plenty of people even on this site who seem to be ready to turn their backs on Trump just like many rinos are doing these days but Trump needs we the people today more than he ever did. We must keep standing by him.

    • Paul, I must disagree with you about people on this site turning their backs on the President.

      Taking the bully pulpit means being responsible to use it when the need is manifested.

      Do you think it has shown up yet?

      I assure you, deferring to a fraudulent Presidential election to place a guaranteed puppet of an enemy nation is hardly taking responsibility. Certification becomes meaningless.

      Our President was elected as a business President. That is his forte.

      But acting in all focused interests of the people is also his responsibility.

      Inaction resulting in a Biden administration and to our fatal hazard in many ways, is something I call irresponsible.

      How about you?

      Or put another way, how is inaction without hoping for a "magic bullet last minute" save being responsible as the Chief Executive?

      If this President does not act to resolve this dilemna, then CIVIL WAR.

      This is true regardless of any convolutions. IMHO


    • Trump has faced criticism for four years, and he still made America great again, did he not? We the people need to be grateful to him and not join the chorus of critics, not even for little things. He is doing an amazing job and I trust him totally. He knows what he is doing. No need to question him. 

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