• The Republican Party is nothing more than the FLIP SIDE OF THE DEEP STATE COIN...  flip the coin and it comes down on the side of big government and the New World Order every time... no matter how many times one flips it... it will land on more government and less liberty for the people. 

    We need a new coin minted in the hearts and minds of activist patriots...



  • GOP for the most part are as corrupt as the demoncrats

  • I totally agree and I'm mad as hell.  For 4 plus years all we heard was Orange man bad, Trump is a lier and a Russian Spy.  Fact Checkers tearing apart every single single word he spoke trying to prove our President was incompentent and that he should be Impeached. The Commie MSM spread vicious lies 24/7 about Trump and his family. Where were the Republicans?  Oh there were a limited few who stood up but they too were chastised and so they turned tail and became silent. The majority genuflected at the alter of the Satanist Pedophile Party.  They couldn't let Ttump win again in 2020 so they cheated and put in The Big Loser Rapist Dummy aka The Dirty Old Man and proceeded to rub it in our faces 24/7 every day since. They call it "The Big Lie".  I believe many Republicans are also members of the Satanist Party and deny the truth becsuse they are all corrupted, compromised and complicit in the Dasterdly Dirty Deeds. Why is NO ONE calling out the constant lies from Biden, The total incompentance of Biden, The Trojan Horse Invasion at the Southern Border. Where is Fox, Newsmax,the Republicans?  They talk softly but don't carry a big stick.  Can we save America?  I pray so. The Audits are close at hand. All indications are the Audit Truth will De-Certify the election. John Durham's Special Council could arrest these Criminals.  Will we ever know or, will Big Tech shut it down and censor the truth. Ever wonder who's behind the curtain pulling the strings? Bernie Sanders, Obama, Nancy and Chuck, The Communist Party, The Nazi's George Soros and Klaus Schaub. We're down to the wire and we better figure it out fast. The Globalist Elite Eugenics movement has taken over the world with their Invisible Virus and they have a plan for us.


  • The GOP is weak and bonless, they don't know how to fight the Devil has them on the palm of his hand.

  • I've been saying that all along. The Republicans are all a bunch of gutless wonders. That's just why I no longer donate to any of their campaigns to get this and that done in Congress. Because they won't push the issues. As soon as the Democrats start fighting back the Republicans back down. They won't get anymore money from me until they start showing some backbone. I cannot afford to throw money down a well. I get a lot of junk political mail each and every day and it is always politicians asking for money. I don't even bother opening them anymore. They go straight in the trashcan. Why should I donate money so they will do the job they're already being paid to do? The main thing they're all interested in is trying to outspend each other. I'm no dummy. I know that as long as the Democrats control the House there isn't a snowballs chance in Hell of the Republicans getting anything done. The Democrats will do what they want no matter how much money is donated to stop the evil things they want to do. And all the petitions and surveys I'm asked to sign and send back (with a donation of course) don't matter a hill of beans because they simply don't care how the citizens feel. If a party can successfully pull off the ultimate crime of stealing a presiential vote what makes anyone think they will pay attention to anything the Republicans argue in the House, or the citizenry for that matter? No, until we get Trump back in the White House or another just as tough or tougher my money is staying at home with me.


  • The GOP is nothing more than the flip side of the Marxist Coin... that is why they did not and do not support Pres. Trump... there is of course is the question of corruption and illegal acts that would be exposed if Pres. Trump had a 2nd term.

    The GOP indeed responded to the claims of Fraud... they denied them, going so far as to claim the 2020 Election was the most secure ever... The GOP/RNC needs to all go straight to jail, don't pass go, and no get out of jail free card. 

    • Thank you!!!!  As usuall, you are correct!


  • The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.  The "best" have to start moving.  get involved with local politics. They choose the candidates for elections. Quit Facebook.  Try GAB.COM. It is a free speech site and attractingmany people. 

  • You are so right  Mr President  bless you .

    Trump 2024 !

  • They are ALL;




    conscripted and complicit


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