• Stop inviting the GOP RINOs to speak at rallies... select and promote new blood, preferably those never in public office.  Boycott and shut down Gop RINO town meetings. Informing them their duplicitous betrayal is no longer tolerable. Ask them to resign NOW and avoid being primaried and sent home naked.  Tell them those who resign and turn states evidence now may escape prison time.

  • The Republican leadership are inside the beltway, swamp creatures, just like the Democrats.  They only do what's necessary to get reelected.  They have no core conservative, free market values or believe in the Constitution.  This is the larger problem we face; ie, not participatiing in the public debate, just sitting on the sidelines with no voice.

  • One of the main reasons that every time the RNC calls and asks for a donation I have no qualms telling them that when the Republicans get a set of B(*(s; I'll think about it and ONLY MAYBE start giving them some money when they actually stand up for what we elect them for.  Untill then as far as I'm concerned 95% of them are no better than the Dems and they can go pound sand.  I'll support the ones that actually follow through

    • Robert, I couldn’t agree more. I’d like to support the party but I am instead contributing to individual candidates who voice strong opposition to Dems. Even if not from my state, their input is valuable to the whole to combat the Dems and RINOS.

    • Same here!


    • I have been doing that for 20 years.  

      However, the problem is that the gop backs the rinos in the primaries so we end up with trash to vote for and I REFUSE to vote for a dim.  I have not found ONE that I think is not a waste of good oxygen.

  • RINOS are standing between Lincoln's Party they are the cowards the spindles to fight for our country 

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