In the last few days I have seen two campaign rallies held by President Trump, one in Freeland,  Michigan and one in Henderson, Nevada.  Both of them were covered by the One America News Network, a credible news network that covers news rather than just spout leftist propaganda like the fake news networks.  There were no cutaways to "fact check", a term that really means to counter the President's statements with democrat party propaganda talking points.  The President brought out his accomplishments of the last 4 years and they are impressive.  President Trump is bringing manufacturing jobs, jobs that fuhrer obama and quid pro dementia joe said would never come back, and making progress on the wall to keep illegal aliens, gang members, moslem terrorists, and drugs from being smuggled across our southern border.  Trump abolished the disastrous NAFTA and TPP that gave our jobs to Mexico and China and has signed the USMCA agreement that puts America, and its citizens first on the priority list.

Pr4esident Trump also brought up the fact that Dementia joe (my term not Trump's) hasn't done anything in his 47 years in Washington to help anyone but his family.  Dementia joe would take relatives on "diplomatic" trips where they would get very lucrative deals in exchange for sweet deals from the American government.  This amounts to biden using tax money confiscated from hard working American citizens to be filtered through a foreign government into the pockets of his brothers and son.

President Trump appears before thousands of very enthusiastic fans who wave placards and cheer incessantly, an amount of enthusiasm that crooked hillary didn't' have 4 years ago and Mr. Dementia doesn't have this year.  While biden is hiding in his basement struggling to read the answers to softball questions off of a teleprompter President Trump is standing before thousands of cheering supporters giving very concise and well delivered speeches.  President Trump is articulate, truthful, and coherent.  The democrats have nothing to offer America, only tyranny and poverty but President Trump, on the other hand, offers liberty and prosperity for all.  The d4emocrat party, including biden, use the tragic and despicable shooting of 2 Los Angeles County deputies as another opportunity to push gun control while President Trump correctly describes it as what it is, an attack on the entire nation by an animal that has no sense of right and wrong.  President Trump , unlike Mr. dementia, looks to punish criminals rather than punish the innocent as biden and the other democrats do.    Gun control isn't about guns, it is about control of We the People, keeping us defenseless and under their tyrannical thumb.  The 2nd impeachment scam against President Trump, involving accusations that Trump conspired with Ukrainian officials to rig the election, like the Russian collusion charge, was a lie from the outset.  I have seen video of biden bragging about doing what they falsely accuse Trump of doing.  On the video biden bragged that he told a high ranking Ukraine official he had $1 billion in aid but he was getting on a plane very soon and if the investigation into Burisma, the Ukraine oil company, and biden's son hunter wasn't dropped before he got on the plane the money was forever gone.  So, we have Mr. dementia proudly bragging on video tape about doing something, as vice president, that democrats want to impeach President Trump over when they know for a fact Trump did no such thing.

The amount of hatred and vitriol the left throws out against President Trump and his supporters like myself is disgusting, libelous, seditious, and treasonous.  Democrats both support and encourage blm and antifa terrorist marxist/anarchists to burn, loot, rape, destroy property, murder people, and kill police officers.  Recently 2 Los Angeles Sheriff deputies, just sitting in their patrol car, were shot multiple times by a black man who walked up to the passenger window and without warning pulled out a gun and opened fire.  It looks as if both will survive but will need months of physical rehab and likely years of mental health help to recover.  It is not good for our nation when people who swear an oath to protect, defend, and uphold the Constitution spend their time instead subverting and destroying it.  The level of not only treasonous actions by democrats and their media propagandists but the immorality they promote is rapidly drawing America into an abyss of violence and debauchery rivaling that of the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, cities destroyed by Almighty God for their level of evil.  I don't want to see the nation I love and served in the U. S. Army to become just another sad footnote in history, another nation that was destroyed by the sins of its leaders and too many of its citizens.

The media propagandists and democrat politicians blame President Trump, saying he is stoking hatred in his supporters, but that is another lie from the pit of hell.  It isn't President Trump's supporters that are burning cities, destroying small businesses and killing people.  President Trump has denounced the actions and has offered federal help but democrat governors and mayors have refused any help, preferring to encourage the violence and hoping that the violence and leftist lies will hurt his chances for reelection but I see their hypocrisy strengthening Trump's support.  I have heard reports on credible news outlets that black support for Trump is now in the 25% range, a factor that pretty much cinches reelection.  He beat the corrupt hillary clinton in 2016 with only 8% of the black vote.  Decent, law abiding blacks, the great majority of black people, are tired of being killed by their own who are excused by democrats and being taken for granted by the same democrats.  When dementia joe and fuhrer obama held the executive branch for 8 years they did nothing for working class citizens, including blacks whereas President Trump, in less than 4 years has created the lowest unemployment rate among blacks and hispanics in history.  President Trump is bringing manufacturing jobs, and jobs in general, back to American cities and American citizens.

We the People are seeing President Trump fulfill his campaign promises, something that hasn't been done since Ronald Reagan held the office.  Trump is doing his utmost to drain the swamp that is Washington D. C.  His opposition is comprised of the entire democrat party, their media propagandists, and much of the republican party.  The gop establishment, swamp rats themselves, tried to prevent Trump from getting the nomination the last time but he went straight to We the People with a strong, honest, and forthright approach that resonated with citizens fed up with the "business as usual" political ruling class.  The gop tried to do to him what democrats have done to bernie sanders twice but were not successful because Trump offered something sanders couldn't, hope for a free and prosperous future.  Sanders wants what the rest of the swamp rats want, a communist/matxist/socialist dictatorship where We the People are nothing more than slaves to tyrannical rulers.  Donald Trump promised liberty, prosperity, and a happy nation, and has delivered much despite the huge amount of opposition from the swamp rats and their propagandists.  Trump can't be bought and isn't even taking any pay because he is independently wealthy and not greedy for more.  Honesty, integrity, and truth have highlighted the Trump administration, things that are missing from his opposition, especially from quid pro joe, Mr. dementia.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

September 15, 2020



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  • Trump is my man!!

  • I am voting for Donald J Trump point and simple.

  • Thanks for this great post! I know that Trump will win with a huge landslide in November. Every American can clearly see how great Trump has made America again. Today is so much better than it was on the day he took over from obummer. Americans love to celebrate Trump's achievements with him when he comes into town. There really has been so much winning that we are almost, but not quite, sick of winning yet. Trump 2020!!!

  • Your Spanish word for the day is " nacho ", to be used in a sentence " hillary clinton still nacho president! "

    It has become abundantly clear that, if we end taxation all the parasites will have to get jobs if they want to eat, illegals won't want to come here if there is no longer a free ride, leftists will lose a voting block, we stay armed and blow away home invaders, charge their relatives for clean up, allis well in America, you screw with us, you won't be heard from again. Corrupt politicians are lynched and gutted, left on the Capitol building's lawn for a month to clear the air of their stinking corruption. The U.S. Constitution will be cleaned of any and all marxist BS, profiling laws will be done away with, anything to do with over riding the original Constitution and Bill of Rights will be thrown on to the burning, stinking dung heap of marxism. Our educational systems will be clean out of marxists, K thru 12 will go back to the 4 Rs, reading Riting, Rithmatic and Republicanism. Our children will be introduced to the Lord and pedophile indoctrination will be removed, if you have a problem with that, move out of country.. 

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