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President Trump’s campaign sent a letter to “Biden For President” on Wednesday demanding that it remove an ad from social media that contains false and misleading information about President Trump.

“Mr. Biden and the Biden Campaign should immediately cease and desist using the False and Misleading Ad and issue a public apology to the millions of servicemembers whose morale Mr. Biden is attempting to damage by posting the False and Misleading Ad in the first place,” the letter states.

The letter accuses the Biden campaign of posting an ad to Twitter with debunked accusations about President Trump’s canceled visit to a military cemetery in France and false “derogatory comments towards fallen American military heroes.”

The ad attributes quotes to Trump that 21 people who were present that day say never happened, displayed over footage of military men and women in uniform and military cemeteries. It concludes with a quote saying “If you don’t respect our troops, you can’t lead them.” Trump flatly denies ever having made such statements and the letter tells the Biden campaign to stop smearing Trump by attributing malignant quotes to him the Biden campaign cannot prove are accurate.

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  • Everyone please note!

    Go to ‼️  It will take you right to Joe Biden!

    says a lot about where he stands!

    horrible man!

    • It sure does. Why am I not surprised. Only that it is that blatant. 

    • I don't have to go to their website to find out where Biden stand it's obvious where he stand he was the vice president for 8 years, Black lives matter, Antifa, white supremacist started under him and all of them are hate group.


  • Sue them, at least this will prove to people that you mean business and the add is false.

  • The thing that gets me the most is that there are so many people who are ready, eager and willing to listen to and believe every bad thing that's said about Trump. They think whatever the Democrats say is gospel. I guess the old saying is true that people will believe a lie before they will the truth. This is sad and dangerous.

    • this is the fact and I am tired of it it's sick and I can see why the Democrats are having a hay day with this.

  • this is what makes me mad about this Joe Biden is a liar, and he is sick, he doesn't even know where he is half of the time, and now he is accusing Trump doing things that never happened this makes me mad Biden should have been in Jail along with Obama a long time ago.

    • AAhhhh! But, that is quid pro quo joe obiden's excuse, he is sick, he doesn't know any better. When is big Mike going to throw her useless azz in the ring? And what about all those clueless azzclownz that already voted for joey? Do those ballots just get transferred over to big mike obama or what?

  • Damn well should. These lies need to be taken down and apologies made. Then move on to apologise for blaming right wing demonstrators for antifas dirty work. No wonder MSM is the lowest rates news in the country.

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