• Milley should retire just because he has become too political.  That is something a military officer on active duty should never do.  Follow the example of Patton, Marshall and others who actually know how to act as active duty officers.

  • I'm beginning to think that President Trump makes a lot of poor hiring decisions!

    • Obviously Milley plans to run for political office when he retires and his views about CRT will help him on the Democrat ticket and with the black vote. There are good Generals and then there are the bad ones, and Milley is one of the bad ones. He is playing his hand early for his political future when he no longer wares the uniform. The same thing can also be said about that Admiral in the navy that said basically the same stuff as Milley. Any four star officer that supports CRT should be given a desk job and forced into retirement.

  • General Milley is the consensus of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  That's why he is chairman.  Of course he is political.  Every rank of Col. on up is litle, but political.  Furthermore, he is hardly any radical departure from past chairmans, or Joint Chiefs of Staff.  What is a radical departure is President Trump who is anything from dumb, or unimmaginative.  He seems to have caught the wave.  He seems to be finally realizing the hip bone is conneced to the high bone and it's all ridden with a cancer of corruption.

    General Milley as well as most of Republican, elected officals, House Reps and Senators need to be rremoved and replaced.  Our entire federal government needs to be recallibrated.  We the people need to prepare ourselves to accept change and support President Trump as he appears to have finally figured it out.  These guys don't play by the rules.  They fully intend to destroy our constitution and replace the rule of law with tyranny, their own one world, globalist rule of tyranny.  The globalists have made their intentions clear.  They have made their move to grab power through fraud and deceit.  They continue to move forward consolidating control.  They are waiting for us to die off.  They think what is left of us Americans are done, but they are wrong.  We still aren't dead and we still aren't done, not yet we're  not.  We're still living the dream and we're ready for change.  Change isn't death.  Change is life affirming itself and Donald Trump is our leader.

  • I don't know about any of you, but I am getting pretty sick and tired of these peoplewho seem to think that spreading this ridiculous nonsense that Anti-American educated idiots put out is more important than the truth about our country and protecting our nation!

  • That General has been bought out by the left, he needs to either resign or kicked out

  • HE IS A POLITICAL "HACK"-!!! He needs to KEEP His OPINIONS to Himself while ACTIVE IN MILITARY-!!!

  • General Milley should resign, but he has "shown his true colors" politically, and will not do so. Nor will he be fired by the most corrupt and incompetent Commander in Chief in history. As with all military leaders; he is mandated to only concern himself with matters relevant to  ensuring that our military forces are at optimum combat readiness. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

  • added note: He went to Princeton and Columbia....and the naval war college....YIKES!

  • I agree and cannot understand how dumb this man is after going to great schools...

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