What it includes:


Having pointed out the most obvious and egregious Democrat faults, the President moved on to explaining the Executive Orders which:

-Suspend Payroll Tax through remainder of 2020, for those making less than $100,000.00, retroactive to August 1st. If reelected, his intent is to make these payroll tax cuts permanent.

-Continue the moratorium on evictions, while providing financial assistance to renters.

-Extend unemployment benefits at a rate of $400.00/week, $200.00 less than previous plan. This gets rid of the “stay home” incentive by making work more attractive.

-Defer Student Loan Payments.

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  • I thought that if there were existing law that writing an EO was not unconstitutional.  There was already the CARE ACT right?   Look WHAT OCOMMIE DID BY WRITING DACA WHICH IS NOT LAW YET IS UPHELD BY CHIEF JUSTICE ASSWIPE ROBERTS HOW I DO NOT KNOW WHERE IS THAT OUTRAGE?//////////////////////////////////////////////////

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    Paul Craig Roberts

    It is a proven undeniable fact that if given early, hydroxychloroqine (HCQ) given with azithromycin and zinc will cure coronavirus.  It is a proven undeniable fact that hydroxychloroquine is safe.  It is an approved medicine and has been in use for 65 years with an outstanding safety record.
    Hydroxychloroquine One More Time
    Hydroxychloroquine One More Time Paul Craig Roberts It is a proven undeniable fact that if given early, hydroxychloroqine (HCQ) given with azithromyc…
  • Great idea... only it is unconstitutional.  All federal spending must be initiated in the House of Representatives... 

    These EO's violate the Origination and Appropriation clauses in the Constitution See: Article I, Section 7, Clause 1, and Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7 of the United States Constitution. These clauses require that all bills for raising revenue must start in the House of Representatives, and all money   All expenditures paid out of the US Treasury must first be authorized by Congresional act or statute.  These four EO's appear to lack such authorization and will be challenged.

    Look for a lawsuit to stop these executive orders... the Democrats will have to challenge these Executive Orders in court... exposing the Democrats for what they are ... Political hacks who are not interested in helping the public, unless it benefits them directly.  If the Democrats can't buy votes, in their mind, no one can... Damn the public's needs. Personally, I don't see violating the Constitution as an option, I don't agree in principle to violating the Constitution. However, in this case, the President is probably fainting the use of his EO's to get a reasonable pandemic spending bill out of Pelosi and Schummer... at least that is what we hope he is doing.

    • Hey! Ronald, we are not following the constitution ever since Obama took office what do you expect?

    • I expect more out of Pres. Trump...  I hope he is using this move to get Congress to come along with his plan and vote to approve his EO's in a bill.  The US Treasury may refuse to issue payments if there is no Congressional authorization to fund.   

    • Mnuchin pledged his allegiance to Trump. There is no way he'll go against his boss. Mnuchin isn't like Sessions or any other member of the deep state was.

  • Trump is showing up congress and demonrats big time. He gets things done. I always love it when I see another tax cut. My beloved Club for Growth is one of the most effective organizations out there, especially when Republicans hold the strings of power. Support them and fight high taxes in they US!!!


    Donate - Club for Growth | Economic Conservative Organization
    Donate to Club for Growth. We fight for economic growth & limited government. Your donation is an investment in economic freedom.
  • Oops... why not pay 400/wk to return to work instead of staying home on unemployment insurance?  Make going back to work if their job still exists mandatory to get the $400/wk.   Don't pay people to stay home.  Landlords need relief why not make it mandatory for those getting the $400/wk to use it on rents or mortgages if they are past due...  let those unwilling to use their extra unemployment payments be evicted.

    • Any unemployed person getting money should have to work for it, e.g., clean the streets, wash public windows, clean inside public buildings, etc., etc., etc.  People who need help should be able to get BUT they must produce something for it.  No one should have to go without food and housing BUT they must be employed in some capacity by the gov to produce something.  The taxpayers deserve NO LESS.

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