• One of the reasons things happen like this is the so called democrats are organized and act as a group. Republicans, or should I say conservatives, do not act as an organized group and many times find considerable fault with each other. Romney is an excellent example of exactly that. Perhaps someday we will learn but not as long as we have people like Mitt Romney in our party!

    • Basically, correct.  But this also must be added.  The Republicans, most especially the RINO section, are too proud of themselves, condescending and conceited, saying inwardly that "I am smarter than most!," resulting in too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.  Because this group is not just the RINO sector, I call this larger sector, "Republican Fatheads."  Think not, take a look at any one of the RINO people.  We need the Republican leader in each chamber to rule his members with an iron fist, not timid in wielding his scepter with vehemence and deadly accuracy.

  • We still live in a capitalist country. The only thing a company understands is the way to increase its profits. We will effect the way they act by refusing to purchase all their products. It will take a united effort and probally involve a lot of sacrafice but it is the only way, a working unfunded by billionair overlords, citizen can change the way of thinking of the people who wish to eleminate US. We are to busy working and cannot take the time to protest when we are trying to generate enough money to exist. Our purchasing power is the one tool left to us to stop their takeover. We have alternatives boycott the companies who hurt us.

    • We are now two! Lets keep it growing.

    • You are absolutely right that it will take sacrifice if we have any chance of changing the course this country is on.  I hope there are enough patriotic Americans willing to make the sacrifices necessary to save our Constitutional Republic from ruin. 

  • What began while I was in elementary school and capped itself a yr. following my graduation has now 'flowered' (beautiful music but surrounded by mud) and America is paying the price. Woodstock's babys have arrived and America is 'crackling' with the results of 'all that peace and love;' ain't it a great thing?' The institution is now being run by the crazed and the 'loving parents' are standing about stunned scratching their heads (while they die off) and wondering how all that love could turn 'so left?' Good luck America; you should have taught your children a bit more than 'better than well?' They have put too many 'wierd convicts' in charge of themselves.

  • I never purchase any Coca Cola product.  If I ever fly, it won't be on Delta.  I will never buy another vehicle which was touched by a UAW hand.  I never go to a movie theater, and I never watch any movie or TV show with an actor/actors in it if the actor's/actors' name(s) appear on a no watch list I maintain.  

  • It's time to push back on these unelected cancel culture corporate idiots and vote with our wallets. I will not drink coke, fly on Delta and boycott MLB. The only thing they listen to is money.

    • I agree!

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