• No No No everybody!...............the " right wing white extremists are about to invade the Capitol!!!".. Mr Potatohead, Aunt Jemima, and Dr Suess. are  ruining our culture,!!!   the " sky is falling said  chicken little."  .."WEAR YOUR 14 MASKS!!!." .......Said Dr. Faucienstein..................................  ..while they erase AMERICA.

  • Would be too dangerous now for the Minuteman project considering they could not shoot to kill.

  • A fake president cannot violate an oath he doesn't believe in.  Traitor Joe

  • that's Obama years for you. No wonder things are getting bad at the border the Republicans didn't do anything when Obama was in office.

  • When we call those So-Called Democrats MARXISTS, COMMUNISTS, DICTATORS and all the other names and titles that coincide - they NEVER push back and deny the accusations so they Must Be The Truth...

  • I can see other countries like China and the CCP being insanely jelous and have the desire to destory our Great and Wonderful Nation's Founding and Her Beautiful Democracy Not To Mention Her Prophetic Constitution and Bill Of Rights To Freedom and Happiness..! I Have Always Known There Was Corruption At The Highest Levels Since Our Founding But I NEVER Thought That I Would EVER Wittness The Time That A Presidential Administration Along With A Filthy Corrupt Congress So Anxious To Throw Our Beautiful Nation's Citizens Sense Of Well Being To The Evil Dogs Of China's CCP and Trying Deperately To Flood Our Nation With Millions Of Lowly Trash and Even More Disease As Well As Insane Terrorists From All 4 Quarters Of The Earth To Finish Her Off With A Horrifying Death Into A Godless Communist Hell..!  With Each Waken Day I Find It Only Getting More and More Unbareable To Live With..! It Is Up To We The People To Bring This Nightmare To An End By Any And All Means That Is Nessesary..! GOD ALMIGHTY HELP US and HEAL OUR NATION- Amen..!

  • Joe is nothing more then a TOOL Nancy says jump ,he jumps . As far as Im concerned Joe is nothing more then an UN -INDITED FELON  .

    So much for Joe Biden ," We The People " have a shot at stopping the llikes of Pelose and Biden IF the States have the back bone to call for a 

    CONVENTION OF THE  STATES as provided for in our constitution .  A Convention Of The States has the power to do things such as set term limits on the Congress .  If Im not mistaken it takes Two Thirds of the States to call for  the Convention Of The Sfates to be held ..  The Founders provided this as a Check Mate in the event that theUS  Government  attempts to strip the people of their RIGHTS .( BRILLIANT  PEOPLE THE FOUNDERS )

    • A COS Will do the job for certain- and it takes 2/3rds of the States to call an article 5 Convention but it NEEDS to be done in a Hurry..!It has to happen before 2024 the way I see it..! IL just Signed on and that makes only 16 States On Board.. It will take the total of about 30 States to hold the Convention.

  • Guess who is going to pay for each person who crosses the border?

  • Dementia Joe and his Vice Hoe.  Enemies of the state .......

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