Questions?......didn't think so. 

  • Exactly spot on.  

  • The political establishment of both parties are demon possessed and very EVIL !!!!!  I daily pray that Almighty God will open the eyes, open their minds, and soften their hearts so they can repent and turn their lives toward God!!!!!  As it is the establishment hacks face an eternity in the Lake of Fire!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh, I don't underestimate the depths of their evil.  That was Trump who underestimated them and their evil agenda.  That would be Trump that though he was dancing with the stars.  It was President Trump who appointed Sessions and Barr and it was President Trump who failed to clean out the top echelons of the FBI and the Justice Department.  Trump failed to investigate, prosecute and jail Hillary and Obama and all their minions.

    No counselor, it's your client that needs to have a reality check, now that the horse is already out of the barn.  There were plenty of us Trump supporters who knew what needed to be done and right from the beginning too.  It was your client that came to the gun fight with a lollipop and a baloon.

  • Satan has them in his control but judgement is coming when they face GOD and that judgement is eternal!!!

    • Janet, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!


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