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    • If O'Reilly would get together with Beck and start their own conservative TV station,  perhaps call it American News, they could pick off Hannity, Tucker & Laura to give them the conservatives only channel. That would be the highest rated channel on TV.

  • His father did that


  • Chris Wallace is on an ego trip, and it will be his down fall. He is so proud of himself he makes us all sick.


  • Well, duh.

    • According to Wallace and his version of logic, warped as it is, the rules agreed to by both parties in advance of the debate, are in supreme authority under the sole discretion of himself, without regard of any kind to the obvious Biden favorite candidate presentation put forward as fair and equal to a despised President.

      President Trump was having none of it.  And rightfully so.

      Politics is no longer, even if it ever was, a matter of differing opinions on issues and governmental policies.  It is now the simple and stark divide between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lies.  It truly is.  Just as truly is that it is no longer mysterious or questionable as to which side of the divide Wallace supports or what the Democrat Party and its candidates support either.

      Voter fraud is underway and will only increase in the weeks ahead.  Everybody knows it  EVERBODY.  The divide is bewtween those who don't care and support it by not caring, and those who want to see the best win, which is truth and honesty.  And that is in the suit worn by Donald J. Trump.  

      The polls are a lie.   And that is true regardless of who the next president might be.  The polls are a lie.   Fake news is FAKE NEWS.  The democrat party is a fake.  It is not what the news claims that it is.  Those who support it are deceived into supporting it.  There is no logical, sensible, reason at all to vote for Biden/Harris.  None.


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