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  • wallace is just another leftist puke who hates America and God.  he will find a very hot eternity.

  • Biden caught cheating during debate.  I bet Chris Wallace knew all about it.

    Biden Caught Cheating During Debate -- Here's How

    Biden Caught Cheating During Debate — Here’s How
    Some Internet sleuths claim Biden was wired last night and they believe they have proof.
  • It is disgusting that the main stream liberal media never showed this rally on Saturday in Washigton DC.

    A huge crowd earlier today in DC for the #WalkAwayMarch. America is walking away from the radical left, the lies, the vandalism, the violence and the hatred. America is walking away from the Democratic Party.

  • Boycott MSM advertisers of commie shows

  • @chris Wallace?? Seriously!!! What a fu#$ing hack.

  • Commie reporters are undermining all media except for a few like OANN, breitbart, etc. Don't forget that the tenacles of the deep state run deep.

    • Paul, a reporter is a professional to which those like Wallace cannot claim to belong. He is simply a registered democrat hack no different than the other left wingers now working at Fox.

  • Time to stop watching Wallace program maybe his rating will go down and Fox will get the picture we're American defending our country 

    • I read the other day that Fox just hired a former Biden staffer to be V.P. of Fox. I only watch Tucker, Hannity and Laura. I can't stomach any other part of Fox anymore. With a Biden staffer running Fox now I can imagine that Tucker, Hannity and Laura's days are numbered.

    • fox is rapidly going fake news.  I also believe Hannity, Laura, Levin, Carlson, and the few other conservatives left won't be there long.

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