8426037457?profile=RESIZE_400xPresident Donald Trump will wield his fortune and name to help Republicans flip the House of Representatives during the next nationwide election, an adviser said on Jan. 14.

“President Trump is going to make sure we get the House back in 2022,” Jason Miller, a Trump campaign adviser, said.

“He’s got a ton of money. He’s the biggest name. He’s going to get that done.”

Miller was speaking on Steve Bannon’s “War Room.” Bannon is a former Trump strategist.

Trump’s plans after leaving office, which he’s scheduled to do next week, are unclear. He has posited starting a company to rival Twitter and other social media companies, but said little else about what he plans to do.

Republicans surprised many by flipping 14 House seats in the 2020 election, cutting Democrats’ majority to 10 from 35. That sets them up for a favorable 2022, if things break right.

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  • Why bother to vote? They will cheat just like they did this time

    • I will still vote!!!!!

    • "Why bother to vote? They will cheat just like they did this time"

      My how resignation inspires me.

      Janet, the People KNOW the business Presidents second term has been stolen. They will give no benefit of doubt to Pretender-elect Joke Biden, in whatever days he is in office. It will be an uphill grunt everyday with no real hope of gaining faith and trust from the Nation. He has been charged in court with a video recorded, self-confessed felony committed for personal interest, acting as  the Obama Vice-President. He has a waiting impeachment motion upon inauguration because of his felony (and a Speaker that just may decide she wants to see a somewhat black woman in the Oval office). A man who flatters himself a statesman will care how he is seen and remembered. A tool does not. How does Joke see his future at this point? Biden looks to be going into political hell for egos sake (it won't save hm or family from scandal). He will not be seen as a leader in any sense, but as a puppet.

      Having said that,

      The People see that foreign inspired corruptive influences of greed and extortion have wound its way from the federal level to the state and local levels. This means that to avoid a complete purpose-driven usurpation of individual civil rights, freedoms, and liberties, the Peoples Will must be made manifest in the vote selection, starting at the grass roots. Technological defraud tools must be banned from use. Financial poisons like Obamacare, the Orwellian social credit score, or the medical/prison economic lockdowns have slight/no medical or social benefit, but do destroy economies, violate Constitutional individual civil liberties and must be erased by erasing its supporters from office, by recall (Governor Newsome could share here) or being primaried out . Trade agreements that improvish the Nation must be eliminated through "America first" policies. Global free market advocates are Globalist plagues we don't want in office.  Any office holder supporting Bill of Rights limitations by illegal abolishments isn't just a campaign issue, IT IS TREASON. Constitutional curtailments by statute and the promoting official must be treated as such. State issued owner-specific currencies are both a violation of the right to privacy (a Convention of States needs to strengthen the described Constitutional vagueness from state abuse), and personal property. Anonymous wealth deters untrustworthy government from dreaming of achieving total despotism. The attacks on the First and Second Amendments are done by enemies of our Republic. NONE SHOULD BE IN OFFICE OR TOLERATED FOR LONG AS SUCH. I offer an abbreviated listing of todays issues here. The People are awake and aware now. They know what happens at the end of the midnight stroll in the rose garden. Our leaders have been made foolish and compromised. Do not assume they will tend to our interests.  We must do the heavy lifting now.

    • Exactly !!!!

    • Janet, that's exactly my sentiment and my thinking. 

  • China Joe is not the main course on the table. Harris is. Demented Biden won't last long at all. Harris is the one who will cause all the trouble for Americans. Biden was told by the powers controlling the DNC that he WILL select Harris as his VP. This woman is dangerous. Biden is stupid, and even in his best days was nothing more than a criminal blowhard.

    Real Americans are becoming victims of lawlessness as this corruption increases daily.  None of us are secure from our own government any longer. I think most of us can agree on that. What seems likely to happen is that Harris will serve most of Biden's illegitimate term and then be selected by fraud again in 2024. During this term America will probably suffer the greatest defeat in world history. Our Nation cannot live long on a diet of degeneracy and rot.

    When the Righteous Rule the people rejoice. Is that what is happening in DC, and across America?  No.  Just the opposite.

    • 2022 elections promise a strengthening of conservative control of both houses. That effectively leaves one year for Joke Biden to perform any mischief, from a hideously compromised Oval office.

      Obviously, Harris' standing must be immediately compromised, anticipating your predictions realization. 

      All the while, our financial disaster in motion must be cushioned from the inevitable Global collapse, that the contrived, deliberate 2008 event did not achieve.

      If the Nation survives essentially intact, even as the World folds into a pile of crap, Globalism fails flatly, and is set back (but never destroyed) a century.

      Then we can hunt down and execute the perpetrators that raped Humanity, Nuremberg justice style.

      An example has to be made.

  • I read a history book. There won't be anymore elctions but for Stalin style.

    • Phil, I have been saying the same thing since before the FRAUD was complete.  One positive is that the AG of Texas just arrested a woman who bragged to Veritas about how she changed 7,000 votes to biden.  He has charged her with vote FRAUD and several other charges.

    • Yup. Gonna be a good show from early tuesday morning thoughout inaugration day,when Trump gets sworn in. He ain't gonna walk away from us,they'd have to kill him first.

      Probabaly have to build a seperate prison for all the arrests...................Hey,Gitmo!!!.................The left loved Castro. Especially that P.O.S Chairman Bao,

      Remeber he went to mexico under death threats from el chapo even BEFORE he was elected? They could have kiled him then,right?So......He ain't gonna walk away from us,they'd have to kill him first. 

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