truck-semi-trailers-usa-wallpaper-preview-1200x630.jpgMichigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has enraged the working people of Michigan with her decrees shutting down economic activity and private life until the end of April.

The backbone of America, the truckers, are expected to show up by the hundreds for Wednesday’s “Operation Gridlock” rally at Noon in Lansing, Mich., outside of the State Capitol. Protesters are being told to stay in their cars, as leaving them could subject individuals to a $1000 fine under Whitmer’s edicts, and create a traffic jam to show their disdain for their anti-Trump governor.

39-year-old Jim DeHaaf is the owner of AAA Poured Walls, a concrete contractor company operating out of Wayland, MI on the west side of the state. He told Big League Politics that many patriotic Michiganders intend to bring their big rigs and other large trucks to the rally in order to demonstrate solidarity with the working people of Michigan against the governor.

“We’ve got a decent group getting gathered together to head out of the greater Grand Rapids area on Wednesday,” DeHaaf explained.

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