Why isn't the world appalled by what Planned Parenthood is doing?

I just read the Breitbart story linked here. Folks if you watch the videos, about what Planned Parenthood is doing, you will lose all hope for humanity.

How can anyone think that this is okay. They treat a fetus like a piece of meat, all the while, try to tell you about saving the planet and animals.

No words can describe the inhuman treatment, forced born babies go through and how heartless monsters cut them up or make them suffer to try to breath with no lungs. This is sad, this is sick, this is horrible, this is unimaginable that our society is willing to allow this, just because they are funding people with a D after their names.

I have tears in my eyes while I am typing this, it is so sad..My God. I just don't know what to say. How can they justify saying this is a woman's right? Are we truly lost? please, please, please pray like never before.

BE WARNED: This video is extremely graphic and includes the fetus being expelled from a woman’s body as well as images of the fetus in the metal bowl.

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I won't subject myself to watching a horrific video, what PP and their partners, the democrats and RINO's are doing is awful and a crime against God. It is on the same line as what is happening all around the world. When we pray for God to intervene, we are praying for the end. At creation, humans we given free will. See what we have done with it. I am ready for the end, are you?

To many people are demon possessed.

Agreed 1000% So MANY evil people!!! 2 Tim Ch 3 comes to mind, followed by Revelations!

God only knows 

This is truly the work of a evil and it has nothing to do with planned parenthood. Anyone that would support this would also support cannabilism and all other evils that condemn a society. Let's all call it what it is, murder and mutilation, Inc. I will never be a part of this and I will never vote for anybody that does and I think all supporters are not human beings at all. Just a shell of the embodiment of Socialists willing to put a price on human life and a price tag on all available parts. Does something like this even fit the progressive mold of a green society that preserves the lives of fish, bugs and all manner of life much lower on the food chain than us humans ? Population control is not one of the powers given to governments or to political parties, God determines who lives or dies Period!

Remember that movie "Solient Green".....Herr Goebbels would be so proud

Just remember Randall that vaccines are developed in fetal tissue and so in accepting a vaccine inadvertently you are "supporting" the use of fetal remains.  Most people do not know what is in a vaccine.  Check out FB Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccination for more information on this whole issue as well as Dr. Russell Blaylock's research.  

I have been refusing the flu vaccine for the last 3 years under religious objection, but many places are trying to force health care personnel to be vaccinated or lose their jobs.  This is wrong!!  First of all it is a medical procedure and every patient has the right to refuse.  Nurses are no lower life forms than patients and we are not guinea pigs.

The world IS appalled. Except the young people that have been dumbed down by the education system, and the Catholics, Baptists, etc. that turn a blind eye when the chips are down, and then there's the rest of the "religious" right who would sell their own mother to get a new car.

Long story short, the greatest generation is making it's exit. The people that taught us our values, and who I still thankfully use as a touchstone, will soon be no more. Sadly, the people that do care about the horrors of abortion are getting too damn old to do anything about it. 

the Church of Evolution (public schools) teach there is NO God, thus it is OK for evolved eltitists to use stupid Christians (or others, including babies) any way they please to enhance their progressive utopian plan.

Who elected our leaders that allow this? We the people are responsible along with the people at this murderous organization.

Has anyone ever wondered what the state of the church was when Roe vs. Wade was made into "law"?? Did they just quietly accept this law about BUTCHERY of babies being legal now, under the auspices of ' no MAN can tell a WOMAN what to do with HER BODY??? We're there any PROTESTS about it at the time, or did the religious leaders cede their role in having a civilized society?? Just imagine if every Christian, back then, flooded the streets in OUTRAGE, flooded Congress, and forced this BUTCHERY to be recalled!! They didn't, and we have been declining as a nation ever since!! And NOW, the leaders of all the churches, basically SAY NOTHING ABOUT SOCIAL ISSUES FROM THE PULPIT: their whole THRUST is ' feel- good- Christianity', as it seems to be the biggest moneymaker, because, you know, a church has expenses and their OWN PRIORITIES!! GOTTA BUILD BIGGER CHURCHES TO ACCOMMODATE ALL THE SHALLOW SHEEPLE!!!





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