(Angry Patriot Movement) – If liberals need more proof about just how important proper vetting is, they need to read this gruesome report about what just happened to a kindhearted teacher in Germany.

A German math teacher living in a postcard perfect hamlet wanted to further his desire to aide fleeing migrants. After befriending four refugees while making locations at a migrant center and even opening his home to them, one of them brutally beat him and left him to die in a pool of his own blood.

The 55-year-old German-Iranian teacher lived in Celle, a small town near Hanover, Germany. The popular teacher known as “Medhi H.” to his students was reported missing when he didn’t show up for work earlier this month.

One of his fellow teachers went to Medhi H’s home to check on him and found his dead body in the basement of the home, Breitbart reports. Police were initially baffled about how such a gruesome crime could occur in their quiet town and to such a well-liked and caring man.

German police officers initially thought Polish contractors Medhi was unhappy with over a quality of work issue may have been the ones to beat the teacher in the head with a rock and metal object, likely a crowbar. Eventually, however, the investigators learned the German teacher had been visiting a local refugee “asylum” to donate food and other supplies.

During his visits to the refugee center, Medhi had reportedly befriended multiple migrants there, including the Afghan asylum seeker who is believed to have murdered him. Law enforcement investigators now think the refugee and the 55-year-old teacher had some type of argument, which led to the brutal murder.

They might be right — or the refugee might have just been a really bad guy who was caught stealing from the teacher who had extended him a helping hand.

German police officials initially balked at releasing the origin of the accused murderer. Political correctness once again caused law enforcement and government officials to delay informing the public about the immigration status and origins of a violent criminal.

This is not the first time a citizen of a nation that has welcomed Muslim refugees has paid a blood price for kindness. Alexandra Mezher, a Swedish asylum center staffer, was also horrifically murdered by a refugee.

Mezher’s killer was supposed to be an underage refugee, but the murderer turned out to be an adult. Ah, there’s that whole vetting accuracy problem again. Stringent vetting should be able to verify something as simple as age, right?

If the government staffers in charge of approving refugees do not know the right age of an asylum seeker, the individual surely used a false name as well.

Liberal opposition to President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban is based upon partisan politics and not common sense. Protecting America and Americans must always come first!