Trump Picks Known Skeptic RFK Jr. to Head Federal Vaccine Commission

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President-elect Donald Trump has undoubtedly ruffled feathers in staffing his administration, but the choice of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — known for his skepticism on the safety of vaccines — to chair a commission tasked with studying the efficacy of and issues concerning vaccinations, will undoubtedly raise eyebrows from both sides of the issue.

Kennedy, according to USA Today, will chair the presidential commission “to make sure we have scientific integrity in the vaccine process for efficacy and safety effects,” the environmental activist and politician told reporters after meeting with Trump on Tuesday.

Kennedy noted the incoming president requested the meeting, as he “has some doubts about the current vaccine policies and he has questions about it. His opinion doesn’t matter, but the science does matter and we ought to be reading the science and we ought to be debating the science.”

While advocates of the heavy vaccination schedule might find the choice of Kennedy — who has been castigated as an anti-vaxxer — quite startling, he insisted Trump remains “very pro-vaccine, as am I,” and only seeks to ensure “they’re as safe as they can possibly be.”

Corporate media hastily attacked the appointment of a skeptic to such an important commission; however, Kennedy insisted in the press conference public health and safety remains the topic of concern.

“President-elect Trump has some doubts about the current vaccine policies and he has questions about it,” Kennedy said, as reported by NBC News“He says his opinion doesn’t matter … but the science does matter, and we ought to be reading the science and we ought to be debating the science.”

Vaccination has frequently been a topic of bitter public dispute over the last few years, as parents of autistic children have pegged the ingredient thimerosal — which, in part, contains notoriously toxic mercury — as the culprit for the affliction.

President-elect Trump has, himself, spoken out about blindly supporting a medical practice without thorough and long-term investigation, as he stated in 2015 during a Republican primary debate,

“I am totally in favor of vaccines. But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time. Same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pump–I mean, it looks just like it’s meant for a horse, not for a child, and we’ve had so many instances, people that work for me. … [in which] a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back and a week later had a tremendous fever, got very, very sick, now is autistic.”

Countless anecdotal cases of the onset of autism coincidentally following a certain round of vaccinations have left a growing population of parents excoriating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for failing to diligently investigate effects of contents of certain vaccines.

For its part, the CDC scoffs at such comparisons and has painted the anti-vaxx movement — and anyone daring to question vaccination — under the broad brush of hysterics.

“Research does not show any link between thimerosal in vaccines and autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder,” the CDC’s website advises — and the conglomerate agency has ostensibly ‘debunked’ the autism link numerous times.

A vocal movement of parents whose children’s autism abruptly took hold after immunization, however, find grave fault with the CDC’s failure to at least address their concerns.

Autism Speaks, an advocacy organization for individuals with autism, which aligns with the CDC, told NBC News in a statement, “Over the last two decades, extensive research has asked whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research are clear: Vaccines do not cause autism.”

Kennedy stated about vaccines at a documentary screening on the subject in 2015,They get the shot, that night they have a fever of a hundred and three, they go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone. This is a holocaust, what this is doing to our country.

Coming under intense backlash for the capricious use of that term, Kennedy later apologized, stating,

“I employed the term during an impromptu speech as I struggled to find an expression to convey the catastrophic tragedy of autism which has now destroyed the lives of over 20 million children and shattered their families.”

Indeed, with the growing pandemic of autism — and the increased number of immunizations deemed necessary through childhood — it would seem the appointment of someone who finds safety and study relevant would be crucial to the interest of public health.

Kennedy is not, as the mainstream portrays, an unabashed anti-vaxxer — rather, he would like further study to prove or disprove either side in the issue.

After all, as the new chair of the presidential commission to study vaccines, Kennedy said in 2015, “They can put anything they want in that vaccine and they have no accountability for it.”

Perhaps more imperative than sounding alarms over skepticism, it would behoove the public to give Kennedy’s commission a chance to either prove vaccinations safe and viable — or deleterious to the children they’re supposed to immunize from disease.

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The liberal progressive democrat machine eats their own.
Kennedy will eventually be served for lunch.

I know of two cases where children's attitude or disposition changed drastically after receiving their immunizations. As a result they were diagnosed with Autism. One was my nephew, whom my brother said he noticed seemed to be a different child overnight, the other one was a little girl of one of our customers in a business we had. Her father said she was always a sweet, obedient kid until she got hers and she quickly changed into a brat who was almost unmanageable. Her doctor said the same thing, Autism. I have read that researchers have confessed to being bribed or even threatened to change their findings. There is also a long list of Senators who are in the pocket of Big Pharma. My nephew who was a sweet and bright little boy before the immunization, had trouble in school and is now in his twenties and unemployable due to Autism. I believe in my heart there is something to this. and what would cause a sweet disciplined little girl to turn into a monster almost overnight? I would welcome all investigative work by Mr. Kennedy. 

I was born in the 50s.  Up into the 70s almost nobody had even heard of autism.  Now.....I know several people who have kids with autism, and they've all said it didn't happen until after their vaccinations.  How much does it take for some people to connect the dots. 

I work for a in-home health care organization.  One of my clients I'd been taking care of for a few months now had a daughter come in over the holidays, and started asking me questions...wanted to know if I'd had my flu shot.  Told her absolutely not.  I haven't had a flu shot in over 25 years, been doing alternative medicine and haven't had the flu in all this time.  So clearly my methods are effective.  My parents stopped doing them the last 12 years of their lives, using my methods, and they never had the flu either.

So the daughter said I'd have to get the shot to be able to care for her father, and I told her she'd have to fire me then.  Then I asked her a question that I've asked many people who are so gung-ho about flu shots:  Okay....YOU have the flu shot, YOU believe they work, So if you believe that............why do you try to force other people to get them against their will.  If you believe they work. then you're "immune", you have a shield against the flu since you've gotten the vaccine, why should you be concerned if anybody else has the shot?  You're protected right? 

I'm STILL waiting for someone to answer that one....

My eldest granddaughter has some of the same problems, although she is much better now.

The week before she started Kindergarten, she had TWENTY-THREE IMMUNIZATIONS ON THE SAME DAY!!!

This is happening to OUR BABIES!!

It is absolutely no wonder that this heavy immunization schedule is making our children sick.

My son had his DPT shot at 2 months of age.  He ran a fever for 2 days.  At the age of 3 months, he contracted Salmonella at a babysitter's house because she poured his formula into a dirty pan, heated it up and fed it to him.  I was sterilizing his formula in the bottle so she could heat it up in warm water.  Needless to say, she didn't babysit for him again.

At 17 months, the Salmonella had passed.  Doctors typically do not give children antibiotics for Salmonella because they say it makes the bacteria more resistant to these drugs.  At least that is what my son's military pediatrician said.  He had terrible ear infections until he was 17 months old and he finally saw a new pediatrician who was appalled that his ear problems were being ignored.  Finally, he was given the antibiotics he so desperately needed.

That was before they had a vaccine for H-Flu Bacteremia.  My son came down with it, spent 3 days in the hospital, recovered from H-Flu and promptly came down with chicken pox.

I think Donald Trump is exactly right in picking RFK, Jr.

The CDC has a hidden agenda that ties directly to Big Pharma, in my opinion.  It is always easier to say a thing doesn't happen and hide your research than it is to tell the truth.

A case in point would be how the VA staunchly denied the existence of PTSD, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, Military Sexual Trauma, and the list goes on and on.   Veterans all over the country stood up to them and some changes are finally being made.

Our children cannot fight for themselves, and sadly far too many parents WON'T fight for them.  Way to go Mr. Trump.

I think it also leads to all the goals of sustainable development, aka, Agenda 21/30 and its' follow-up names and name changes. They believe the world population must be lowered.... .

WHAT HAPPENED TO DOCTOR MOM? OK so I am old but when I was a boy, my Doctor was my Mom! Back then a MD was the Specialist referel if she couldn't heal me in 5 to 7 days. She could remove splinters, fish hooks, scrub out gravel, make bandages, pop a boil with a coke or milk bottle, monitor a fever with her hand, treat a burn with a pretty green plant, treat a cold with chicken noodle soup and hot sassafras tea ( the FDA banned it ), pop a finger joint back in place and the list goes on. Oh yes, she married my dad when she was in the 7th grade and dropped out of school.

"Doctor" mom?   You're doing good these days to have moms who seem to want anything to do with their kids after they have them.  I've heard so many women say they were glad to get back to work after 6 months and leave their babies at the daycare.  Many of them made me wonder why they had a baby to begin with.....

Sounds like you had a GREAT mom.  My first one (bio) was a sleaze in my opinion.  Apparently after dad and her decided to get divorced, she didn't want the three children she made with him, so she showed up at my aunt/uncle's. dumped us, then disappeared.  My adoptive mom was by far not the brightest bulb in the box, and wanted a child (since she and dad couldn't have any) to make them "look" like a regular family. She didn't know anything about taking care of someone sick, and spent half my childhood passed out cause she always fainted at the drop of any blood.  The lady next door who was a nurse did most of my "doctor"ing....

So....there are mothers...........and then there

Yes, I was blessed by having a wonderful mother but I just realized, I never thanked God for her until a few minutes ago.

I really posted my comment to point out that we are no longer a family unit, taking care of each other let alone taking care of our neighbor.

ABSOLUTELY.  You were definitely blessed by such a wonderful mom.  Those are SOOO rare these days.

Believe it or not, there was actually reality series about career moms and their babies.

One mom was asked how she was going to handle her baby's schedule and her career.

She said, "My schedule comes first.  The baby will just have to adapt to MY SCHEDULE!!"

Biggest laugh I've had in a long time.

I am so sorry you had to go through that.  I was blessed to have great parents, and my mom just turned 90.

My sister was one of "those" mothers.  She never wanted my eldest niece and made a practice of telling her she should have been aborted, and would have been had it been legal in 1968.

When baby #2 came along, she had married a career criminal and child molester.  He attacked my beautiful niece in the process of trying to rape her when she was just 8 years old, cutting and almost severing the cord between her vagina and rectum when he used his knife on her so she could accommodate him.  When she very nearly bled out, the bastard managed to get her to the hospital on time and surgery saved her life.

When my dad, mom, me and my sister's husband met in the cafeteria for coffee while my niece was in surgery, you could tell by looking at him that he knew he was guilty.  He's lucky my dad didn't kill him.

What did my sister do?  She BLAMED her 8 year old daughter for the nearly deadly attack she had barely survived.  Doctors and nurses told her that the story her piece of crap husband didn't hold water (he said she had been riding a bicycle with no seat and fell on it) and that they were going to call the police.

She took my niece out of the hospital against medical advice and never went back.  Why the police didn't follow up is beyond me.  Her husband wound up back in prison, where he died from Hep C.

Child #2 was the apple of mom's eye and could never do any wrong.  Unfortunately, the sisters never got along and my sister made sure that none of us ever got to know her #2 daughter.  This young woman is now a confirmed atheist, is teaching her triplet boys that God does not exist, and God help anyone who dares to admit they are republican or conservative.

My sister died 21 years ago, but the damage had already been done to my eldest niece.  She was a lovable, always smiling, hugging and happy little girl until this happened.  It changed her life in terrible ways forever.

My niece has 3 kids, and is battling chronic illness.  She had to give her youngest daughter up for adoption due to illness.

And,, my folks always regretted not taking custody of her from my sister and adopting her.

My son and his family are the apple of my eye.  I don't know what I would do without them.

"...give Kennedy’s commission a chance to either prove vaccinations safe and viable — or deleterious to the children they’re supposed to immunize from disease."

AGREED!  I'd much rather have a skeptic in there than a roaring 'in favor' vaccination advocate.  I suspect his commission will conclude that ONE AT A TIME will be the ultimate result.  It's the three an more at a time business that overwhelms the baby's immune system, resulting in unpredictable consequences.  




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