Stanford law prof: Second Amendment is about restricting gun rights

“It’s fanciful to think that guns in the hands of citizens acts as a realistic check,” said Donohue. “They’re not really trained to do so. And it’s fanciful to think that the military would ever turn on U.S. citizens.”

A Stanford University law professor took the view that the Second Amendment permits strong gun control, telling the crowd that “restriction has to be at the core” of the right to carry a gun.

John J. Donohue, a member of the Stanford Law School faculty, made his remarks during a debate with attorney Donald Kilmer, an adjunct professor at Lincoln Law School of San Jose.

“I support the right to self-defense,” said Donohue during the debate, according to The Stanford Review. “But that doesn’t mean that you have a right to high-capacity magazines.”

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Another fool not knowing why the Second Amendment is there; it is to keep us from tyranny! Thus high capacity magazines just as Federal troops will have! We are the people and we know we see tyranny around the corner with the idiot Marxist in the White House.

What did our Founders want us to have just in case?

Whatever it takes. Little should be off limits.

Then I suggest to you Mr. Donohue that not  only do you not no the law and have no right teaching it You my friend are a huge part of the problem,and it says a lot to why our rights are being Bombarded today. and as far as the General citizen not being trained Most of us are actually Are  more proficiant with firarms than the police ,  and we sure as hell exercise more causen and discretion when it comes to useing them Than the Police the General public doesn't shoot first and aske questions later as do the police. so with that being said Just who do you think is best sutied for ones own self deffence. I know who i trust and it's the law abiding citizen with a consciousness and concern for others Any Day!!!!!!!!!

What may be sad is this so called professor may never know the anger that is out here and how stupid we think he is.

Since you mentioned terrorists I'll take the opportunity to expand a bit...

Boy-O-Boy,,,, this nut professor, John Donohue, really seems to have pushed some of your hot buttons.

Don't get so upset! What this country (Read, "We The People") need is suggestions for corrective actions.

In my OPINION, the Tea Party, Command needs to compile a list of the un-desirable socialistic, communist, un-American dead-beats that are harming our country, (I have a great start of my list, Obama, Holder, Feinstein, Pelosi, Donohue, etc,etc) when the time is right, go to your list, make use of it in the best effective manor.

Quote, "We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would prevert the Constitution." -------- Abraham Lincoln

Quote, "It the long history of the world, very few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in it's maximum hour of danger. This is that moment and you are that generation! Now is the time to defend our Freedom...."
---------- Judge Andrew Napolitano

Quote, " We can't expect the Americans to jump from Capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism."
-------- Norman Thomas, American Socialist Party, 1944
What is it going to take to hit your hot button, patriots? I understand where the cowardly American stands,,,, but the time is right now. Let's GO Patriots.
Best regards,
Tom w
American Patriot
Atlanta, GA
aka, The Boogieman




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YIKES!!! Chelsea Clinton Emphatically States A Person With A Beard And A Penis Can ‘Absolutely’ Identify As A Woman

  • The one issue Hillary and Chelsea don’t appear to agree on entirely is transgender self-identification
  • In an interview with The Sunday Times, journalist Decca Aitkenhead asked the Clintons about transgender self-identification
  • Chelsea Clinton replied ‘yes’ emphatically when asked if someone with a beard and penis can ever be a woman
  • ‘It’s going to take a lot more time and effort to understand what it means to be defining yourself differently,’ Hillary said
  • Aitkenhead said Hillary became ‘uneasy’ when the question was asked while Chelsea shot a ‘furious stare’ at the journalist as her mother answered
  • Hillary added: ‘It’s a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw’

(Daily Mail) – It may appear Hillary and Chelsea Clinton always see eye-to-eye, but in a recent interview one topic cracked the facade of the like-minded mother-daughter power duo.

The one issue Hillary and Chelsea don’t appear to agree on entirely is transgender self-identification.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, journalist Decca Aitkenhead asked the Clintons if someone with a beard and a penis can ever be a woman, to which Chelsea replied emphatically, ‘Yes.’

However, as Aitkenhead describes it, Hillary looked ‘uneasy’, and blamed generational gaps for being less accepting.

‘Errr. I’m just learning about this,’ Hillary responded. ‘It’s a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw. It’s going to take a lot more time and effort to understand what it means to be defining yourself differently.’

The Clintons sat sown with Aitkenhead to promote the book they co-authored, The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience.

The book features Danica Roem, the first trans woman elected to a U.S. state legislature.

According Aitkenhead’s account, she tells Hillary during the interview that many British feminists of Hillary’s generation have a problem with the idea that a ‘lesbian who doesn’t want to sleep with someone who has a penis is transphobic.’

Hillary nods in agreement, while Chelsea ‘stiffens and stares at me’, according to Aitkenhead.

The journalist then adds that many women of Hillary’s generation are uncomfortable with biological males sharing women’s bathrooms.

‘I would say that, absolutely,’ Hillary nods firmly. ‘Absolutely. Yes.’

That’s when Chelsea begins shooting a ‘furious stare’ at Aitkenhead, who points it out to her.

‘I’m a terrible actor’, Chelsea laughs.

Chelsea then says she is thrilled with the National Health Service’s decision to assign patients to single-sex wards according to the gender they identify as, instead of their biological make up.

‘How can you treat someone if you don’t recognize who they feel and know in their core they are?’ Chelsea says.

‘And I strongly support children being able to play on the sports teams that match their own gender identity,’ she adds. ‘I think we need to be doing everything we can to support kids in being whoever they know themselves to be and discovering who they are.’

At this point Hillary looks conflicted.

‘I think you’ve got to be sensitive to how difficult this is,’ Hillary says. ‘There are women who’d say [to a trans woman], ”You know what, you’ve never had the kind of life experiences that I’ve had. So I respect who you are, but don’t tell me you’re the same as me.” I hear that conversation all the time.’

Despite the clear tension in the room, the pair say they don’t argue about this topic.

But according to Aitkenhead, ‘I get the impression they don’t like to present anything less than a united front to the world.’


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