PHOTOS: Black Lives Matter Protesters Bully & Harass White Children at Restaurants

The Civil Rights movement in the Age of Obama has descended in to blatant anti-white racism and bullying of children.

On St. Valentine’s Day this past weekend ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters targeted the “white utopia” of Walnut Creek, California.

This was abuse.

One photograph taken by the protesters shows a white family seated at a breakfast bar with very concerned looks on the faces of the parents. Their young son seated between them has his back turned to the protesters and his head ducked low while his father has a protective arm on the boy.

The photo, tweeted by BlackWomenUnchecked is mockingly captioned, “They mad?”

In another photo posted to Twitter by Sarah O’Neal, a little girl covers her ears with her hands as her table is surrounded by screaming protesters.

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They are nothing more that black Nazi Germany with their arms in the air. And we all know Nazism was defeated.

    This is great ! All the American Patriots post what they will do ! What should be done ! But, the Keyboard WILL NOT WIN OUR COUNTRY BACK ! Yes, BACK ! She has been lost because the American Patriot fought on the Keybord ! And did not take the figyt to them ! But being safe in their homes ? Just feels better ! Need to get your wifes to learn how to cook muslim and mexican food ! You outdoor cookouts will be different from now on ! 

White Folks with their Children are going to have to Stand Up and make an example of those ruining their time. Meaning, Tell those protesters either get out or you and other Whites are going to throw them out! White folks these days show their weakness by not doing nothing and those demonstrator's know that. So all you parents get MAD!




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