NY Times says a tidal wave of mass immigration handed Democrats victory in Virginia

 Last week, Democrats took control of Virginia’s House of Delegates and the State Senate. Now, Democrats hold power over the state’s legislature, the governor’s office and the lieutenant governor’s office – for the first time since 1993.

Breitbart.com reports: The New York Times now admits that four to five decades of mass immigration — where about 1.2 million legal immigrants are admitted to the United States every year — has shifted Virginia into a blue state.

A 38-year-old immigrant from India interviewed by the New York Times explained that he voted for Democrats in the recent Virginia election because he supports gun control measures, calling it the “most pressing issue” for him.

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It certainly raises the issue of Citizenship and voting... it is past time Trump has the DOJ investigate voter registration in areas where high numbers of illegal aliens are known to exist... Our elections and Ballot Boxes are no longer secure from internal rigging... massive voter and election fraud are rigging elections in favor of those VOTING THEMSELVES MONEY from the US Treasury. 

Benjamin Franklin warned we have a Republic if we can keep it...  Upon exiting Constitutional Hall, Franklin is famously credited with stating:  That the Republic would last until the people discovered they could vote to distribute money to themselves from the US Treasury.  It appears he was correct.  Socialism is destroying our Nation.

Mass migration is a primary tool of Assymetrical War... used by subversive groups to fundamentally transform governments they can not challenge with military force.  As Khrushchev once said, "We will bury you from within... without firing a shot... your children's, children will be communist." We are engaged in a silent war for control of our own Nation and the Democrat Party.. progressives and liberals in our institutions of government and higher education are supporting it. It is time to hold them accountable for their treason and sedition... all of them.

The open border policy of the Democrat Party is transforming America...  It is permanently and irreparably changing the demographics of America, just in time for the 2020 Census and the remaking of Congressional Districts...  Thus, forever transforming much of America into SOCIALIST STRONGHOLDS... districts filled with the unwashed, the third world, wanting others to fund their lunch... breakfast and dinner. If these migrants are so beneficial to the US's diversity why are their nations dung heaps of poverty? 

The above picture says it all... unemployable, illiterate, barefoot and pregnant, the majority come to America to burn our flag, desecrate our heritage, raid our kitchens, and to steal our children's inheritance... If left unchallenged they will eat us out of house and home... 

These indigents are largely predatory aliens... who bring nothing but poverty and dependence with them. They are not cut from the same cloth as our founding father's or their progeny.  These individuals would rather migrate thousands of miles to access our social welfare systems than to make a home and living where they were born... They have absolutely no drive or desire to resist dependency...  or to carve out a living where they live.  They take the path of least resistance and are quick to devour the living of others.




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New York's Green Light Law - Allows Illegal Aliens To Get Driver’s Licenses

New York passed a law to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses earlier this year but it was held up by challenges.

Now it is set to take effect this week.

In typical leftist fashion, supporters claim this is going to somehow make New York’s roads safer for everyone.

Could it really be about voting?

FOX News reports:

Illegal immigrants to be able to get driver’s licenses in NY after legal challenge fails.

Illegal immigrants in New York will able to obtain driver’s licenses starting next week after a last-minute legal challenge was dismissed — making it the 13th state to allow the practice, but one that critics say is unconstitutional.

The Green Light Law, signed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this year, allows anyone to apply for a driver’s license regardless of immigration status and does not require a Social Security number.

Illegal immigrants can use a combination of documents that include a valid passport from a foreign country and a valid foreign driver’s license, as long as it has been expired for less than two years.

“After waiting 18 years to have their right to drive restored, thanks to our legislature, New York can now officially join 12 other states in making driver’s licenses legally available to all residents,” New York Immigration Coalition Executive Director Steve Choi said in a statement this week, arguing that it will make roads safer and the economy stronger.

County clerks in New York have concerns and are sounding an alarm.

CBS News in Albany reports:

County clerks concerned by loopholes in Green Light law.

Undocumented immigrants now have the green light to get a driver’s license in New York…but several county clerks in the Capital Region are concerned.

Saratoga County Clerk Craig Hayner said, “We found that everything we were concerned about as far as fraud and all sorts of other things are in that bill, in that regulation and we’re very concerned.”

Hayner tells CBS6’s Lynsey Smith there are a few loopholes in the Green Light Law.

Loopholes, such as a person coming in to get their license and not having to provide their social security number.

“That could lead to criminals coming from other states, coming in and use that as a way to defraud by just simply saying they don’t have a social security number…and that’s a very dangerous loophole,” replied Hayner.

Does anyone believe this is going to make New York safer or that this is really about driving?

Delusional Democrats

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