Nutty Nan Pelosi's message to grads: Be disruptors

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) encouraged graduates of the University of California Berkeley to be disruptors, using their knowledge and technology to shake up the economic system.

“Being called a disruptor is a high compliment,” Pelosi said in prepared remarks Saturday. “You here at Berkeley are already disruptors in many ways.”

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Pelosi’s speech came nearly 50 years after students led by Mario Savio occupied a Berkeley building and launched the “free speech movement,” which sought to lift university bans on political activities.

“Now, it’s all about you — what you can do with your freedom to speak out, with the tools of our time: Instagram and YouTube, Facebook and Twitter,” Pelosi said.

The California lawmaker urged graduates to tackle problems with income disparity, education quality and climate change. She told them their peers around the world will help, and there’s no need to wait for leaders to act.

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Would be an excellent speech if she'd directed it to us--she knows (like every good elitist on the left, how change works) and what needs to happen and both why and how.  Hope some of us took notes.

California Berkeley the epitome of La La land . This air head Nancy Pelosi will fit right in

Gee, she calls the Tea Party terrorists because they are disruptors. Can't have it both ways Nan

Finally we have demonstrative proof>>>Drugs in the 60's did cause brain damage and Nancy had a LIBERAL amount.  Is this a pre-existing condition?  Will Obamacare cover it?  Is she too far gone to 'read it to see'?

She can always do what Harry does.. Blame it on the Koch Brothers.

Why should the Liberal Democrats, especially Pelosi, want people to graduate from College when she has stated that people need to escape the "Job-Loc" enslavement of having a job when they could be pursuing their dreams! ! !

Nutty Nan should just shut up. Every time she opens her mouth and says as stupid as this, she reminds us of "you'll have to read it to see what's in it". She belongs in an asylum. 




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Yikes !!! Ocasio-Cortez: We Need A ‘Multigendered, Multigeographic’ United States

The United States of America needs to be “multigendered” and “multigeographic,” according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who endorsed fellow socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at the “Bernie’s Back Rally” in New York on Saturday.

The freshman lawmaker and “Squad” member officially endorsed Sanders during a rally in Queensbridge Park in Long Island City, New York, on Saturday and called for more diversity in the U.S., arguing that it should not only be “multiracial” and “multigenerational” but “multigeographic” and “multigendered.”

“We need a United States that really, truly, and authentically is operated, owned, and decided by working – and all – people in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez said to applause.

“That is what it – it is multiracial, multigendered, multigenerational, and multigeographic,” she said, failing to elaborate on what that specifically looks like.

“We have to come together, not ignoring our differences but listening to them, prioritizing them, understanding injustice,” she continued.

The socialist lawmaker also implied that rampant racism is still alive and well in the U.S., telling the crowd that it is essential to understand “that we operate in a context where slavery evolved into Jim Crow, evolved into mass incarceration, [and] evolved into the realities we have today.”


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