NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION: This Video and Blog Need to Go VIRAL

This video has been around before, but it obviously hasn't been seen often enough, nor by the people it is targeted at. The information contained on the BLOG is new, and goes on to explain the contents of the video even further. It is IMPERATIVE that this message gets repeated over and over, and over again, until it gets through the thick heads of America's millennials. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been hinting about running for political office, and he isn't anywhere close to being competent enough to do it. You will understand after reading the blog. Also please realize that posts on Facebook groups and pages cascade off of the pages in no time, so it is imperative that the link be posted repeatedly over the next several months on all of the high membership Trump & conservative groups on Facebook. Please Copy & Paste the Title & the link below or use the SHARE links at the bottom of the blog.

Agenda: Grinding America Down

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Yes, the more people are aware, the better.

I forwarded this link to many.

The American People need to wake up before it is to late!!!

I think people are aware of what is happening. The silent coup d'etat presently being undertaken by Obama's deep state and the U.S. Chamber of Crony Commerce must be confronted. And it will be confronted but at the ballot box. To this end, we must dedicate ourselves.

The first thing you should do, if you haven't already, is attend your local (county) GOP monthly meetings, or at least open up their website, as most nowadays have them, and communicate with them. There are other things local activists can do to solidify their precincts. I have found placing a few yard signs (after checking with the local Zoning authorities) at a few intersections in and around the precinct, with an email address or perhaps a website address is enough to get the ball rolling. Believe me, if you want to help yourself be known, politically, in and around your neighborhood, start organizing your precinct online and see what happens.



I agree


If you don't know the name, phone number, and/or email address, of your precinct committeeman or committeewoman, that would be a good place to start. We need everyone to make sure their voices are heard in support of Pres. Trump against the present "cold civil war" being waged by the Obama deep/state and the elite, Washington establishment against our President!

Looks like your trying to get a foot into the door, of a revolution. A very hard task at youtube.

 If you stand alone, your vision for a revolution will drag on for ever, join up

and connect.

And your vision will not become.

You need to remember who is in control, and understand even a small exposure,

against the elite, needs help by people just like you that hate people like this.

Do you want to unite, and still maintain a anonymous intro ?

The work is dangerous, it all ways is, but if you feel as if this one site here

will complete a mission without other activist, your mission will fail.


I was approached by the Illuminati personally in 2005 and asked to join their organization. I was told they had hand selected me after doing an extensive background check on me before I even knew they existed, hence my reasons for not posting my real name on the internet any longer, It would be stupid of me to make a target out of myself. If they want to find me to exterminate me, they can find their own bread crumbs to me. I'm not going to leave a trail they can easily find. They may have kicked me off of Facebook, but they will never silence me. Death to the New World Order!

I do not give a shi_ ! about the Illuminati, they breath air, they are not gods. And I do not give a shi-! about facebook !

 I and most of our team do not leave trails, we track their internet trails.

But they can silence people, but not the message.

They murdered another Anonymous Activist, and the hate against them is growing and growing, they killed the baby also, for this we will make them pay.

David Crowley Was Anonymous The Murder Of One Of Our Own Activist- YouTube

Sound the alarm




( Democrats have slandered and degraded the legacy of America’s combat veterans by hijacking this country’s moral values for the sake of their totally anti-American agenda.

In a letter penned by thirteen Democrat-affiliated national security officials and sent to the highest four Congressional leaders, they begged them to quickly pass the ‘Dream Act’ amnesty. At the end of that letter, the Democrats urged Congress to extend the military’s policy of “leave noone behind” to the 3.6 million illegal immigrants and 690,000 DACA beneficiaries in a demand for unconditional amnesty, Breitbart reports.

The original transcript of the letter:

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With every day that passes, these Dreamers are getting closer to the reality of deportation. We urge you to pass the Dream Act of 2017 as quickly as possible to provide permanent protection for Dreamers and relieve this deserving group of the uncertainty created by the President’s decision to rescind DACA. We should leave no man or women behind. Let that be our guiding principle.
The Democrats have finally revealed their true intent for the United States of America. The rhetoric weaponized in this letter reveals how liberals actually view illegal aliens – as foot soldiers meant to conquer American territory and overthrow the Constitution.

Immediately after this letter was made available to the public, the actual veterans of America’s wars threw up an outrage.

The phrase “Leave No One Behind” is one of the most important values of military culture, signifying the unwavering brotherhood of soldiers in the face of impossible odds, and their commitment to one another for victory even after death.

Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, has called this letter a moral hijacking of America’s values. “It is an insult to the people who have gone out there and earned their moral authority by doing something for the country … those people earned it by self-sacrifice and the illegal-aliens want amnesty for their self-interest… that does not entitle them to amnesty.”

A quick look at the Center for Immigration Studies’ findings on the Dreamers, however, shows that the reality of these people contradicts what the Democrats would have us believe about them:

73 percent of DACA recipients he surveyed live in a low-income household (defined as qualifying for free lunch in high school);
22 percent have earned a degree from a four-year college or university;
20 percent have dropped out of high school;*
20 percent have no education beyond high school and no plans to attend college;
59 percent obtained a new job with a DACA work permit, but only 45 percent increased their overall earnings; and
36 percent have a parent who holds a bachelor’s degree.

These sad statistics prove that the vast majority of these DACA “kids,” who are actually full-grown men in their 20s and 30s, are parasitic lowlifes who want nothing to do with our way of life or even our language. Nothing even remotely like the men and women in America’s Armed Forces who sacrifice their well-being and lives to keep other countries from taking over and occupying us.

But if the Democrats succeed, and Congress grants this barbarian horde the right to amnesty, then everything the true American veterans fought for will be lost – we will be de facto occupied by foreign invaders, and they will carve up our land and government for themselves, just like the Aztecs, Mongols, and Muslims of old.

The pure fact that liberals think they can compare the men and women who fought, killed, were wounded, and died to keep our nation and freedom safe … to hordes of foreigners who have done virtually nothing for our country, who will most likely squat on our territory and feed off of taxpayer-provided cradle-to-grave services, is such an outrageous and insulting comparison, any Democrat who utters such sentiment should be instantly punished for treason and have their positions revoked.

Immigrants – legal and illegal – overwhelmingly uses the Democrats’ social services and vote for them. No doubt in their minds that liberals see them as a constant flow of reinforcements in their battle against law-abiding, natural American citizens. They are the Democrats’ soldiers for dismantling Western values, Christianity, secularism, capitalism, and freedom. Without these foreigners pouring into the United States from third world, socialist hellholes, the Democrats would never have survived this long.


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