A Moroccan national was arrested on Monday for planning to bomb a U.S. university and federal building. On the basis of multiple conversations recorded by the FBI, it was learned that the man had sought to avoid deportation by means of deliberate fraud and falsified claims of persecution in his home country. 

El Mehdi Semlali Fahti, 26, entered the United States legally on a student visa six years ago. Fahti had been planning to use a remote-controlled airplane to deliver the bomb and stated, according to an affidavit, that "the bomb that he planned to use would be made for him and he claimed that everything is available in Southern California on the border." 

But he could not be deported and was released, according to Special Agent Anabela Sharp in an affidavit, because Fahti was granted a "withholding of removal of relief" order "on or about August 16, 2013 based on his claim of fear of persecution based on asylum."

That order precluded the United States from deporting him back to Morroco, and Special Agent Sharp testified that there is probable cause to believe that his application for deportation relief was based on fraud.

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You think the immigration authorities are inept, maybe?

What bull. Our present government doesn't care enough about enforcing our laws to keep tabs on the visas it gives out. Of course they wouldn't deport a Muslim just like they won't deport anyone here illegally.

I hear all these tales of fema camps --load them with muzzies,if your not gonna deport them.

Can't- fema camps are reserved for freedom loving Americans.

True...  We are SERIOUS THREATS to the illegals and to the 'Super-Left'. 

If the Visas can't be tracked, or when tracked can't be enforced, I say it's time to stop issuing them!  We can't truly say that we need ANY non or anti American here. 

Was it the NSA spying apparatist that caught this guy , or just good old fashion law enforcement footwork?

You have GOT TO BE KIDDING! He was released???  Remember there are more just like this this guy that were allowed to come in, without security checks, under oVomit's refugee plan back in November. This isn't the last we have heard from these poor mistreated terrorist.

The crack ICE at work!  Maybe this responsibility should be turned over to the FDA.  Whenever there is a food recall, they can track a can of tuna to every store to which it was shipped, and then to every home that purchased the tuna!


But, the ICE couldn't find their rearend with a searchlight!  Even when they find their butt, they have no idea what to do with it!

This Muslim should face the firing squad after being dragged through the street. smeared in pig's blood and fat, and having his genitals sewn into his mouth.

Then they should deport him.

Obviously the hold on his deportation came from Obama.

Reason being, ododo is on a VISA never return MARK MY WORDS soon it will come OUT! Also did you hear Colorado was to vote on a Mayor & bothdem & Rep lost to A DOG that was put on ballot. The people ARE SPEAKING LOUD & CLEAR Dog has more since & Loyality then a stinking politicians AMEN! we need to start getting crazy nasty on these jerks! my state is a sewer Full of illegals. GET THE HELL OUT don't need these terrorist! 

Another member of the Obummer military??????

Without a doubt. He's qualified




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