The 12 Tribes Of Dan, Lilith in the book of Enoch was the birth of the 13th tribe. Lilith her name is found in every book written. Adam and Even is the birth of the Tribe Of Dan.

Last White Man Standing: anti 12 Tribes Of Dan- YouTube

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I would like to see Ronald take this on...:)

The Book of Enoch is not Christian cannon... not approved by any of the mainstream hierachial authorities as inspired or even historically correct.

Accepting the works of untested or disputed cannon... (God's Word) is preciesly how Lucifier tempted Eve... He begiled her by twisting the Word of God... offering her powers not her own or granted by God.  Herecy often does exactly that.. .it takes a little of the Truth (the Word of God) and then twists it...adds new meaning or promises not consistant with other scripture.

One should not engage in using sources that are considered highly questionable ... everything from the author too its central themes are discredited or in debate as to their relevance and veracity 

Your so funny Ronald, oh my God...:)

Book of Enoch, really according to whom, the ones that edit the proficiency of Christ out it because Enoch was a Tribe Of Dan...figures...:)

 So who decided to edit this bible...?

Enoch lived before Dan... how can Enoch the firstborn of Cane, be a descendant of Dan. he was born millennia before Dan... Before the Flood, before Noah.  .

Enoch was born over 1,000 years before the flood of Noah. He was born in 622 A.C.A, (after the creation of Adam), but the flood occurred in 1656 A.C.A. By the time Methuselah was born, Enoch had already been told of the flood to come.

Noah refuse to kill a new born child a seed of the Khazar.

Was his refusal... before or after the flood... And, since Noah was born after Enoch, and all of the generations in the Earth, except 8 souls (Noah's family) died in the flood ... Dan would have to be the seed of Noah or one of his children. 

How does that work out? ...

No God ordered Noah to kill this baby, Noah could not do it, that is what I said...

How does that work out? We are all Khazar's I am no freaking Russia doubled dipped from hell Khazar.

 I am of the Tribes of Dan, all the way from the beginning of life to Germany people...:) fancy that i have no Jewish blood in me, I had myself test....:)


Question... are you related to Adam?  Are we not all brothers and sisters.  So, if we all came from Adam and Eve... are we related?

After reading all the comments, it is business as usual with Tif and Mr.Nelson...:)-



What does the Bible say about the woman Lilith?

While the name Lilith does not even appear in the Bible, some have suggested that she was Adam’s first wife. The Genesis account records that Eve was formed from one of Adam’s ribs. Both were created on the same day (Gen. 1:26-28).That evening, God presented her to Adam and they were married.  There was no other wife before Eve... or the Book of Genesis is in error.

This heretical trend in your posts are becoming very concerning... studying and promoting herecy by accepting highly disputable works with proven error is dangerous. We are warned not to receive any gospel... truth other than is supported by mainstream cannon.. scripture.  To add too or take away from the scripture (Word of God) brings with it damnation...

Lilth is not mentioned in scripture and any document that promotes doctrien or events counter to those in the Bible are to be considered heresy and avoided ... especially by the novice or ignorant (undeducated or informed).

Lilith is the Whore Of Babylonian, a Khazar...:)




Political Cartoons by AF Branco


SICK: Anderson Cooper Says Demographic Decline Of White Americans Is “Exciting”

“It’s an exciting evolution.”

Embedded video

[Click To Watch]

CNN’s Anderson Cooper said during an interview with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos that he found the demographic decline of white people “exciting”.

“The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s — it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways,” said Cooper.

Ramos agreed that whites becoming a minority in America was inevitable and a positive development.

The Judge@V8POW

Anderson Cooper barely able to contain his excitement about Whites becoming a minority.

Not thrilled about being replaced in the country your ancestors founded: you're a "Supremacist"

Understand White People, you're already in a race war.

“There’s nothing really they can do against this incredible demographic revolution. And in 2044, everyone is going to be a minority,” he said.

The media has repeatedly asserted that even raising the “conspiracy theory” of “the great replacement” or the demographic decline of white people puts you on a par with mass shooters and terrorists.

However, it’s apparently completely fine to talk about the issue so long as you proclaim the demographic decline of whites to be a positive thing.

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