Ivy League professor deletes racist, inflammatory VMA tweet

A black, left-wing University of Pennsylvania professor of religion has raised eyebrows again over her controversial racist-tinged tweets, which she quickly deleted.

Anthea Butler tweeted on Sunday night following the MTV Video Music Awards, that “First they shootin us in the streets, and then they taking all the video awards for sorry song y’all.”

Image source: Twitter

She then privatized her Twitter account, after tweeting, “Kids, I’ve been around long enough to know the game. I’m not going to lose my job over something I teach in classes everyday,” The Blaze reported.

Image source: Twitter

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Sounds like she is a professor of hate and entitlement rather than religion.

This is a professor who teaches our children?  No wonder the world is in such a mess.  No sign of common sense or reason.  Duh!  Is this the best we can come up with for our children?

This ELITIST privileged black woman... a professor, most likely living in a very GOOD upper middle class WHITE neighborhood... has the nerve to comment on how horrible blacks have it?  I find it absurd that well-to-do blacks can throw out the race card so easily.  

Blacks are held down because of their own choosing!  They have more opportunities than any other race in this country!  The problem is:  they don't choose to use them.  How can anyone expect a kid who hasn't been in school since the 5th grade know how to read and write?  

Where are the WHITE only opportunities?  I can come up with many black ONLY opportunities.  For instance:  college grants.   I can go on and on, because this b.s. just boils my blood!

My Mom used to say:  Crying with a loaf of bread under each arm.....That's the expression she used when as kids we complained about not having enough of anything... THAT'S what these PRIVILEGED blacks are whining about.  Because there aren't groups worried about some white kid going to school.  There aren't any groups trying to give free college grants to any white kid.  There isn't a group like My Brother's Keeper to "lift up young WHITE men."   

All these poor whiny wealthy black elites can do is stir up more racial tensions... and go home to their maids, chefs (in some cases), their beautiful homes and neighborhoods ...drink expensive wine and tell each other what bastards all white people are!

B*tches like this should be fired!  But she won't be... because she's black and firing her means someone is a racist and are violating HER civil rights!  

DAMN well said !!!!!!!!

Thank you

We reap what we sow another Affirmative Action product. Every other race who came to this country were very appreciative of the opportunities they received just being in the US was enough yet the blacks continue to bite the hand that feeds them 

very well said johnny

The Ivy League colleges are the breeding ground for communist propaganda. She is a professor because of affirmative action, she's not smart.

Who ever said you had to be smart to go to an IVY LEAGUE school?. When you can just teach at one.

In the Second World War, our Fathers and Uncles fought to protect these people from Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. If, White Americans were such racist, then we would have welcomed Hilter and the Nazis with open arms...... But, that's not exactly what happened, was it?

We have a racist phenomenon in our country today, that I call Black Fascism!




Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Deep State Treason:  Former State Dept. Official Under Trump Tells China To Quit Negotiating Until Trump Is Removed In 2020

Deep state traitors no longer hide their deep hatred for the American people —

Mrs. Susan Thornton, the former acting assistant secretary of state in the Trump administration, told her Beijing audience to stop negotiating until President Trump is removed from office in 2020.

Until July 2018, she was Acting Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the Department of State and led East Asia policy making amid crises with North Korea, escalating trade tensions with China, and a fast-changing international environment.

The Conservative Treehouse and The South China Morning News reported:

A former official in the Trump administration has said that China can weather the storm brought by the trade war with the United States but might have to “keep steady, keep their heads down and wait” for change in the White House.

Susan Thornton, former acting assistant secretary of state to US President Donald Trump, told a gathering in Shanghai on Wednesday that she hoped a trade deal between the US and China could be concluded by next month.

But the reality was that it would “take a while” for China and the US to talk about cooperation again, Thornton, who in 20 years rose to become the US State Department’s chief negotiator for East Asia and Pacific affairs, told the South China Morning Post.

“I want to be optimistic,” said Thornton, whose 27-year career in Washington ended in July. “I tell all our foreign counterparts they should keep steady, keep their heads down and wait. [They should] try to not let anything change dramatically.”

“If this sceptical attitude towards talking diplomacy continues in this administration, you might have to wait till another administration,” Thornton said at an event held by National Committee of US-China relations and Shanghai’s American Chamber.

Embedded video
EAP Bureau    @USAsiaPacific

Acting Asst. Sec. Susan Thornton and EAP team en route to her nomination hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee! 


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