Islam Invades House Floor with Prayer/Praise to Allah

 Praise to Allah, yes America is looking like the UK every day.

Islam Invades House Floor with Prayer/Praise to Allah- YouTube

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 This is like Da!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I could hear Tif screaming bloody murder a half block away.

This came out in 2014, I do not remember seeing anything by Trump against this indoctrination.

yes it is old but still no excuse for it. This is a christian nation with christian roots and forefathers. Islam is not compatible with our society , our nation, our roots, or any nation in the world even the middle east. It is destructive to the core and has pedophile roots.

It's worse than a simple display of by Isalm.. it is a pyshical refutation of our heritage and the acknowledgement of Islam as an acceptable form of social, religious and governmental institituion... Islam is not compatible with out form of government.. 

Islam doesn't recongnize the rights of nnon-Muslims and is institutionally at odds with our Constitutional provisons... for equal rights, justice, and representation in government.  Women are considered chattle property and non-Muslims have absolutely no right to exist... too, life or the pursuit of life.. It is totally incompatible with our National heritage and Constitdutional Republic,

Show me where the Trump Administration voiced a opinion against this??? Or even Trump, so far I see 9 things the could cause Trump to not be reelected.

Tif where is your friend Ronald Nelson, we should talk.

Forget it Rosie, Mr. Nelson and Richard, do not want to take you on in a debate, of which I would love to see.

 Let me know if they grow a pair, I will drop in....LMAO...:)-

You are correct TIf... Trump had better pay attention too his base... regarding the invasion on the border and by Muslim militant refugees...  

 Talk to me about the UN, and why they brought Islam into the US Capital Building?

Capitulate, cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender to a enemy.

Mr. Nelson,

27 more days, looking forward to it.

Let me know when it starts.

 Tiffany is raising helll!!!!! over this. She is mad, someone needs to come over and tie her down.




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