Is There Any Chance That YouTube has Muslims Working For Them That Are ISIS Supporters

 Patriot Groups, are listed as terrorist, by this so called Gov of the USA, well, that means you are listed as a terrorist. And according to the YouTube Administration, ISIS Terrorist Are a Organized Crime Figure Not Terrorist.

So they deleted the video by TTTG Networking, Hmmm? maybe its Muslims in the YouTube Staff that are ISIS Supports ???

 Twitter if you speak out against Muslims, you are a terrorist. And they report you to the law, of which it stands and you can be put to death.

LMBO at the whole system..:)- Like Da !!!!!!!!!!!!

 ISIS Calls Followers to "Take Revenge" for Take Revenge Terror Attack- YouTube

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Get out of their system and seek immunity as thousands have done. We do you think Congress wants to make arbitration illegal. It works, it's the law and the Supreme Court said so.

 Get out of their system and seek immunity, say what man, I took a hour off for lunch, to drop the bomb on who the founders are for the UN for the NWO, I can see their faces, as jaws dropped.

 Supreme Court, the last thing I remember about them they are controlled by what ever these people are...:)-

You are correct. And enforcement of what we know to be right, fair and equitable is done by our collective awakened in very large numbers. But not if they recognized you as a citizen subject debt slave. Follow the money and cut it off by being immune from them.

No Federal or State taxes. You volunteer to contribute to what  you choose.

Private Law allows this and there is proof of it.

Mr. Schaum,

 Most of these issue you share we all ready know. Some has been saved for my reasons.

 We are busy pushing issues different, you push this Private Law, it is not in what I have ordered to be completed.

 The directive of my orders will be followed, this includes Tif and Hank, they will not engage in this 'Private Law ' until the time is right.

 Until then.....

Well just remember what Congress is currently doing with private Law and its Arbitration. They are very active and want to shut it down because of all the Veterans that have been harmed and with much proof.

Until then, how will you free yourself and others from the government most don't believe they have.

You can not play in their system because that is acknowledgment of them and then you are theirs. Don't cross the BAR.

You can not play in their system, really??? you think?

 So let me tell you, about ning servers, ning moved a new serve in Washington DC, right down the street from the White House, a few blocks over is a new NSA Network.

 So its like Da!!!! they cannot spy on our servers because they are not online. Let them spy, none of us keep secrets in our computers, that would take a idiot to do so...:)

 And boy if I catch the NSA spying on Grandma again...:) they will have a hard time pulling their head out of their as***s...:)

 As in

 As in it could be Ding Bat?????

27 more days


 A interesting video, and to even think ISIS is limited in actions, is silly.




Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by Lisa BensonPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel


CONFUSION:   Pelosi Says Constitution Spells Out ‘Two Co-Equal Branches’ Of Government

No Nancy. No.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must be taking night classes at the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez School of Government.

Pelosi, the 79-year-old third-highest ranking official in the U.S. government, was speaking to the Center for American Progress today when she mistakenly said there are “two co-equal branches” of government, before correcting herself to say there are three.


“First of all, let me just say, we take an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Pelosi said.

“Democrats take that oath seriously, and we are committed to honoring our oath of office. I’m not sure that our Republican colleagues share that commitment, and I’m not sure that the president of the United States does, too,” she claimed.

“So, in light of the fact that the beauty of the Constitution is a system of checks and balances— two co-equal branches— three co-equal branches of government,” she corrected with a laugh.

“A check and balance on each other,” she continued. “Con— Constitution spells out the pri— pa, uh, the duties of Congress and one of them is oversight of the president of the United States, another one of them is to impeach the president of the United States,” Pelosi said.

In November, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rallied supporters on Facebook to pitch in and help Democrats take back “all three chambers of Congress.”

“…the Progressive movement works and it wins in all districts…If we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of Congress– three chambers of government…,” she said during the virtual appearance.

She clarified that she meant the “presidency, the Senate and the House.”

According to the Constitution, the three branches of government are the legislative, executive and judicial.

Below: Nancy Pelosi is continuing to promote the false narrative that President Trump is involved in a cover-up and therefore may be guilty of an impeachable offense. Millie Weaver joins Alex to break down the propaganda being used to overturn the democratic election of 2016 


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