Idiot Democrat: It's ‘Not American’ To Remove Individual Mandate for Health Insurance

Image result for rep jim mcdermott is an idiot memeRep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) says removing the federal government's individual mandate to purchase health insurance is “not American.”

McDermott told C-Span’s Washington Journal Tuesday, that Republican efforts to remove the government mandate to purchase health insurance from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will not work.

“They want to take out the individual mandate somehow – that we think we should have people just riding on the backs of other people in this country. I don’t think that’s – that’s not American,” McDermott said.

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These people are just too stupid to even breathe right, much less open their mouths.

He's right that Obamacare won't work without the individual mandate. When government creates a program that no one wants, it has to force people to participate, under threat of punishment (fine and/or prison).

What is really needed is to get government out of the way so the free market can operate as it normally does. If people want to be healthy, they will take the necessary actions voluntarily. It is long past time to get rid of the nanny state.

Thats true Anthony. What burns my bisquits, is that a Constitutional empowerment for the individual mandate must first be underlying. It is not. So in short, the actors are fabricating due-process by discretion, dictatorially. THIS IS DANGEROUS!

I see a somewhat black man brandishing a pistol. Where is a cop when you need him?

It sounds like HE'S not American. Dipshit.

The hell with you you God damn piece of Shit!

un-American was when they initiated the was like strapping on handcuffs to every American needing healthcare...not one republican in congress voted for this piece of crap.....

"“They want to take out the individual mandate somehow –..."

Lets see. The SCOTUS Chief Justice saw the ACA as an congressional legislative imposition of of an individual mandate and flatly unconstitutional (you won't find it in the little blue paperback folks). Neither Congress had the authority to write it, or Obama to execute after signing it. But Chief Justice Roberts decided for the Nation that some form of compulsory individual participation was needed in his eyes, and he knew best for the People. So, Roberts elected to profoundly violate the "Separation of Powers" doctrine of the Constitution, and disgracefully legislated from the bench a rewrite, redefining the ACA as a tax (originating from the Senate?), which the Constitution DOES empower Congress to legislate, and Obama to execute after signing. He did this while the aquiecing administration mildly insisted the President signed an individual mandate (why not, he campaigned on the idea). Get the feeling the White House was protesting the loss of its usurping,"in-your-face" Constitutional disregard?

As a hobbsean knee-jerk jerk, Representitive Jim McDermott flatly assumed the individual responsibility for the individual undertaking of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is a fairy tale, for betters like him to assume authority over ('cause he wasn't elected to do this). 

Mr. McDermott is a sincere ignoramous? Your call, but all these marionettes are guilty of usurpation of the Constitutions supremacy as law of the land......with your best interests in mind, of course.


Idiot Democrat....  Democrat Idiot.... no matter how you say it, it comes out the same.  The definition of the word 'democrat' is IDIOT.  The definition of the word 'idiot' is DEMOCRAT.  But I still will not turn my back on them. 




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