Digging Up Graves At Ancient Palestinian Cemetery In East Jerusalem

 Soon all the History of Moses and his people will become forgotten. Only a memory will remain. Palestinian Jerusalem is older then Israel, in history. Excavation work at the ancient Palestinian Bab Al-Rahma cemetery, outside the walls of the Old City in East Jerusalem.

 Officers from Israel’s Nature And Parks Authority (INPA) plan to build a national park on parts of the cemetery’s land.

According to Maannews: Wafa reported that INPA staff began digging up graves and land in the cemetery around 20 days ago. Officials returned on Sunday to continue digging, which Wafa noted was “for the benefit of building a national Israeli park on parts of the cemetery’s land.”

 In 2015, the Bab al-Rahma cemetery was subject to demolitions after Israeli authorities announced plans to seize parts of the cemetery for a national park trail in 2015. 

The fate of Jerusalem and its holy sites has been a focal point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for decades, with numerous tensions arising over Israeli threats regarding the status of non-Jewish religious sites in the city, and the “Judaization” of East Jerusalem.

The United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization’s (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee adopted a resolution in July 2017 reaffirming the international body’s non-recognition of Israeli sovereignty in East Jerusalem, and condemned Israeli policies in the Old City.



The Ringworm Children - Khazar Eugenics for Biblical Israelites

A terrifying documentary about the abduction and wholesale murder of Shephardic Israelite children in Israel, using massive exposure to X-rays. This was done under the pretense of "treating" the children, ripped from their parents upon entering Israel, for ringworm. (Chillingly reminiscent of Europeans being rounded up and "de-loused" in "showers" in the Nazi death camps.) Other Shephardic children were used for "medical experiments", while still others were stolen to be raised by "racially superior" Ashkenazi-Khazar parents.

 For those who do not know, the majority of northern European "Jews" are not biblical Jews at all (i.e., descendants of Jacob.) Rather, they are descended from Khazars of central Asia. Their religion is not centered on the Bible (Torah) as one might suppose, but rather upon the Babylonian Talmud. It is not uncommon for these Talmudic Khazars to believe that they are genetically or racially superior to the Shephardic Jews. However, the Shephardic Jews are much more often actually descended from Israelite ancestors.

This documentary was filmed in Hebrew (subtitled in English) in 2001. It is safe to say that everyone you are watching is now dead.


The Ringworm's Children (Part 1 of 5)- YouTube

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No authoritative world body ever recognized or entertained ambassadors from a state called Palestine... Philistia and Philistine yes. Palestine no.

Between 1922 - 1948 less WW 2 the area was under British administration... even then no formal government or state of Palestine existed.  Under the Ottoman Empire, no autonomous state or region was ever created called Palestine.

Revisionist history would take the names given to regional geographic areas and attempt to apply Statehood to them when they were not states.  This has resulted in some confusion over using Palestine ... a regional geographic area... not a state... under the Ottoman Empire and calling it a state.

Thus the revisionist historian is attempting to engineer a legitimate e claim to sovereignty by nomadic people's who never used the name to describe their tribes or government.

No my problem

There is no evidence or historical data to indicate the lands now occupied by Israel held a Nation called Palestine ... the region was part of the Ottoman Empire and was later divided up to form Jordan, Trans-Jordan, Syria, Lebanon
Unofficial names and titles to the land dating back to Abraham have alternatively been used by nomadic tribes for years.... contesting the rights of anyone to claim the territory as theirs. However, these unorganized often inhospitable tribes formed no government as we know government and had no national identity or presence among nations.

The region has been in conflict and contested by local as well as international bodies ever since it was taken from Israel and Israel was sent into exile... in 70AD... which was the last time it had a permanent and official government. Under the Israeli government, the land prospers and blooms... This proves God's will... that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish People.

RECENT claims granting the Nomadic Arab Tribes tenuous rights to the land are based on false claims... first, the ties to Philitistines is tenuous at best and even if true come after Israel's presence in the area for over 1000 yrs. The Philistines migrated to Israel from Crete or that region of the world and are therefore invaders, not indigenous Arabs. Any rights of the Philistines to the land were not indigenous rights but won thru conquest.

Finally, there are no National interests if the RIGHT OF CONQUEST is not an official means to convey sovereignty over the land. All Nations have basically laid claim to the lands they hold as sovereign by right of conquest and therefore are not indigenous sovereigns.

Take away Israel's right to claim sovereignty by conquest and God's grant... all the claims by the vanquished inhabitants of the lands would hold and Israel would need to return to Mesopotamia and every other nation in the world would soon follow... returning to their original lands...

Mesopotamia would soon be overrun with returning natives... too, the Garden of Eden. Every nation in the world would have a legitimate challenge made to its right of sovereignty.  IT SIMPLY WOULD NOT AND SHOULD NOT WORK... the laws of the time should apply, not the modern era versions of dispute management.

Not my problem, what part of my statement do you not understand.

All of it... as none of it is supported by historical fact.

I took world history before the revisionist arrived... and began changing history to facilitate their world view and goals.

Not my problem...:)

Whether you know it or not Tif you are supporting the Globalist new world order view of Palestine... and the Mid-East's political structure. How does it feel to be unknowingly supporting the Rothschilds?

If all this is not your problem then why are you in the debate.... could it be that it isn't your problem only if you have no answer or your point of view is exposed as bogus?

Lets see, what part of its not my problem you do not understand?

Good "its not my problem"  you are now offiically out of the debate and have given the Rothschilds and Khazar's a default victory... not my problem forefiets to the Banks and fake Jews. 

Shut up Ronald, you can twist it up anyway you want, but I am much smarter then you...:)

Smarter?  Your vocabulary and masterful use of the English language certainly begs the question of how one defines smart? 

Shut up... now that is original... However, moronic might best describe the use of such a term...  it certainly is not the mark of an erudite.  Such command of the English language sets you apart from the rest of us.  You certainly don't need more problems... 

You obviously have enough problems weighing down your mind already...  Deciding which Nazi uniform to wear and how to position your Swastika might be more challenging than most understand. 

What part of your statement don't I understand... How about this: Most of what you write is incomprehensible and often Delphic.  Try using your native language... it might serve you better as English certainly isn't.

Yes much smarter then you, as well as I......

I came back to edit my comment, dribble Nelson, 100% dribble.

Good night.




Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


Breaking — West Virginia Lawmakers Invite Persecuted Pro-Second Amendment Counties In Virginia To Join Their State

West Virginia lawmakers introduced legislation to invite persecuted pro Second Amendment Counties to join their state.

The West Virginia Senate adopted a resolution to remind Virginia residents from Frederick County that they have a standing invite — from 1862 — to become part of West Virginia.

West Virginia freedom fighters broke away from Virginia Democrat slave owners during the Civil War.

This week West Virginia has once again invited persecuted Virginia pro 2-A counties to come join their state.

Sounds like a winning plan!

Resolution 8 reads as follows:


(By Delegates Howell, Summers, Shott, Householder, C. Martin, Hott, Graves, Cadle, Barnhart, J. Jeffries, Maynard, Phillips, Foster, Hamrick, Steele, D. Jeffries, Wilson, Waxman, Bartlett, Paynter, Linville, Sypolt, Bibby, Hill, Ellington, Higginbotham, J. Kelly, Mandt, Pack, Dean and P. Martin)

[Introduced January 14, 2020]

Providing for an election to be had, pending approval of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a majority of qualified citizens voting upon the proposition prior to August 1, 2020, for the admission of certain counties and independent cities of the Commonwealth of Virginia to be admitted to the State of West Virginia as constituent counties, under the provisions of Article VI, Section 11 of the Constitution of West Virginia

Whereas, The Legislature of West Virginia finds that in 1863, due to longstanding perceived attitudes of neglect for the interests of the citizens of Western Virginia, and a studied failure to address the differences which had grown between the counties of Western Virginia and the government at Richmond, the Commonwealth of Virginia was irretrievably divided, and the new State of West Virginia was formed; and

Whereas, Such division occurred as the Trans-Allegheny portions of Virginia perceived that they suffered under an inequitable measure of taxation by which they bore a disproportionate share of the tax burden; and

Whereas, That this perception was further compounded by the effects of a scheme of representation by which Trans-Allegheny Virginia was not allowed to have its proper and equitable share of representation in the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, That this arrangement arguably resulted in the tax dollars of Trans-Allegheny Virginia being used to enrich the Tidewater through internal improvements which did not benefit the people of Western Virginia, while the people of the Trans-Allegheny had little to no say in how their tax dollars were allocated; and

Whereas, Though this course led to an irreconcilable division, and the subsequent formation of West Virginia, yet, the longstanding peaceful cooperation between this State and the Commonwealth of Virginia is a sign that such separation, undertaken even under the most challenging and onerous of circumstances, can, with the passage of time, yield lasting results which are beneficial to both sides; and

Whereas, In the intervening years, the same neglect for the interests of many of the remaining counties of the Commonwealth of Virginia has allegedly been evidenced by the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, Particularly, many citizens of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont contend that an inequitable measure of taxation exists by which they bear a disproportionate share of the present tax burden of the Commonwealth; and

Whereas, The people of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont also believe that, currently, a scheme of representation exists by which the citizens of Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont do not have a proper share of representation in the government at Richmond; and, consequently

Whereas, The people of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont believe that their tax dollars are used to enrich the Tidewater and Northern Virginia through internal improvements which do not benefit the people of these other parts of Virginia, while the people of these other parts of Virginia have little to no say in how their tax dollars are allocated; and

Whereas, In recent days, these tensions have been compounded by a perception of contempt on the part of the government at Richmond for the differences in certain fundamental political and societal principles which prevail between the varied counties and cities of that Commonwealth; and

Whereas, In the latest, and most evident, in this string of grievances, the government at Richmond now seeks to place intolerable restraints upon the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution to the citizens of that Commonwealth; and

Whereas, The Legislative body of West Virginia believes that this latest action defies the wise counsel which has come down to us in the august words of our common Virginia Founders: as the government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of that tribune of liberty, Patrick Henry-who stated to the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788 that “The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of a Signer of the Declaration and premier advocate of American independence, Richard Henry Lee-who stated in The Federal Farmer that “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of that zealous guardian of our inherent rights, George Mason-who stated that “To disarm the people…[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of the declaimer of our independence and theoretician of our freedoms, Thomas Jefferson-who stated in his first draft of the Virginia Constitution, that “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms”; and

Whereas, The Boards of Supervisors of many Virginia counties and the Councils of many Virginia cities have recognized this dangerous departure from the doctrine of the Founders on the part of the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, These Boards of Supervisors and Councils have passed resolutions refusing to countenance what they affirm are unwarranted and unconstitutional measures by that government to infringe the firearm rights of Virginians; and

Whereas, The actions of the government at Richmond undertaken since the recent general election have, regrettably, resulted in unproductive contention and escalating a lamentable state of civic tension; and

Whereas, That, as has been proven in numerous instances, such as have been observed internationally in more recent times with the peaceful dissolutions of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, and the creation of South Sudan, or, earlier in Virginia’s own history, with the formation of Kentucky, the peaceful partition of neighboring peoples can occur, and, is often very beneficial to both sides in reducing tensions and improving the tenor of discourse over ongoing political and societal differences; and

Whereas, Article VI, Section 11 of The Constitution of the State of West Virginia explicitly permits additional territory to be admitted into, and become part of this state, with the consent of the Legislature and of a majority of the qualified voters of the state; and

Whereas, In a spirit of conciliation, the Legislature of West Virginia hereby extends an invitation to our fellow Virginians who wish to do so, to join us in our noble experiment of 156 years of separation from the government at Richmond; and, we extend an invitation to any constituent county or city of the Commonwealth of Virginia to be admitted to the body politic of the State of West Virginia, under the conditions set forth in our state Constitution, specifically, with the consent of a majority of the voters of such county or city voting upon such proposition; and we hereby covenant that their many grievances shall be addressed, and, we further covenant with them that their firearms rights shall be protected to the fullest extent possible under our Federal and State Constitutions; and

Whereas, Providing that the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall give its assent to any county or independent city presently part of the Commonwealth of Virginia having the opportunity and ability to do so, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia.

Trump Holds Rally in Milwaukee, WI 1-14-20

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