CNN Idiot Marc Lamont Hill says “there have been right wing riots on college campuses” but can’t name any examples

In this video, CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill says

“there have been right wing riots on college campuses”

However, when he is asked to name an actual real world example of this, he can’t come up with any.

I’m going to make an even broader generalization:

In the United States during the 21st century so far, whether it be on or off college campuses, whenever there has been an organized group of political protestors assaulting innocent people, pepper spraying innocent people, throwing rocks and bottles at police officers, committing arson, burning cars, burning buildings, smashing windows, looting, vandalizing cars while the terrified innocent driver is inside, standing in the street deliberately blocking traffic, or standing in front of and blocking oncoming ambulances that have their lights on and sirens blaring, these organized groups of political protestors have always been on the political left, and never on the political right.

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this "prince" has a PHD in bullshitology and deception...

He may possess a PhD, but he's a professional racist with all the worst intentions of any loathsome hardened criminal. 

we've been living in a delusional state of mind, that's why we have those riot going on when a leader is living in a confused mind and delusional they will do anything to create those mess

Marc Lamont Hill claims the bombing of abortion clinics and burning of mosques as examples of right wing riots. While they occurred and were wrong, they were done by lone individuals. Also, conservative groups strongly condemned such actions.

What "right wing" groups like the TEA Party are guilty of during and after demonstrations is cleaning up areas making them neater than before their demonstrations. That must drive the Left insane, or more insane than they already are.




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