Bold Tennessee Student Forced To Declare “Allah Is God,” Writes This Instead

Parents are outraged over a school curriculum that’s forcing their children to not only learn biased material that propagates the myth of peaceful Islam, but requiring students to repeat the Shahada, the Islamic oath of conversion and rededication.

Brandee Porterfield was more than perturbed when her daughter brought home a religious assignment from Spring Hill Middle School in Tennessee. The project required students to write “Allah is the only god; Mohammad is his prophet,” the same declaration that Muslims recite in prayer and use to convert unbelievers to Islam.

Porterfield explained that not only was the assignment against her daughter’s Christian faith, but that the school had completely cut the study of Christianity from the class, the Columbia Daily Heraldreports.

“I have a big problem with that,” Porterfield said. “From a historical point of view, that’s a lot of history these kids are missing. Also, for them to spend three weeks on Islam after having skipped Christianity, it seems to me they are making a choice about which religion to discuss.”

According to national statistics, over 70 percent of those surveyed identify as Christian, while less than 1 percent say they are Muslim.

“I have no problem with the teacher at all. It’s just that yellow foldable seems to be teaching our children religion in schools, and only that religion,” Porterfield said. “From a religion point of view, if the schools are going to be teaching religion in history, they need to teach them all equally.”

Still, not all the children are as susceptible to the religious propaganda being taught in their classroom. A photo surfaced of one of the students’ responses to having to write the Shahada. Above the declaration, the child wrote “!Lie!” and reiterated that the Shahada is “creed,” and not shared by their belief, according to EAG News.

Tennessee Student Forced To Delcare "Allah Is God," Writes This Instead

The news site posted a picture of one of the assignments, on which a child had written that the Shahada is a “!Lie!”

“To me, a Christian child should not be made to write that,” said Joy Ellis, mother to one of the 7th grade students who was forced into the assignment. “I honestly don’t want my child learning about Islam at all, but if they’ve got to learn about it, I would like for them to learn about the historical aspects of it and definitely nothing about the religion … I don’t want her writing ‘Allah is the only god.’”

However, Maury County Public Schools middle school supervisor Dr. Jan Hanvey assured that declaring allegiance to the god of Islam is not religious, but somehow historical in nature.

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My husband is truly disabled and has been denied his disability because he home schools our 11th grade son and because he volunteers for the Boy Scouts.  Kim Nagle (anyone recognize that name?) was the judge deciding the case.  She accused my husband and I of lying and the doctor that examined him as being "fooled".  

She is the wife of Ray Nagle former mayor of New Orleans who is best buds with O.

You know you can't trust those good ole' boys and right wing conservatives to tell the truth.

We will appeal until hell freezes over.

Islamic filth in our schools.  Teachers like this should be removed.

Students need to know about Islam HOWEVER, there is a very big difference between teaching historic truth and teaching it as a religion to be accepted and followed.  I dealt with this question for over 25 years in teaching world history in the public schools.  You simply teach historic truth......not religion.  The historic truth will speak for itself.

"You simply teach historic truth......not religion. The historic truth will speak for itself."

You Bet !!!

The one and only thing 'they' cannot stand... "The Historic" TRUTH !!

All this crap has come to a head, thanks to the POS in the rainbow house! I realize what I'm about to say is wrong but; The POS has got to go! One way or the other, he must be eliminated! Including the rest of the progressive (communist) liberals! If it takes a civil war to set out country straight, then let it be. If we don't take action soon, America as we know it will be history and, the muslim threat will become reality!

If this is so, then have them declare their allegiance to Jesus Christ or the American Flag with has much more historical value than a pedophile prophet.  

Any so-called religion that has to Force itself on anybody is not a religion, it is a cult, as long as this clown Obama is in the White House, more of this garbage will happen, we need a citizen uprising, to hold these administrators, and so-called teachers, accountable.

The god of liberal Marxists demonRATS and the god of mooslimes is the same god, Satan.

It's nothing new...; in biblical times there were "progressive societies" willing to sacrifice children to the various gods they worshiped.  "They did not prevail then...; they never will."

CRG - Gunnery Sergeant Retired

I would get my child out of that school emediately . By Just saying and writeing it denounces our Loard and Saviour and Breaks one of the 10 commandements You shall have no other God's before me. Their demanding these children to commett a big sin !! all in the name of pleasing a bunch of radical muslims that worship a false god.

This is the Grand Deception in action by liberals who hate America:




Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Tom StiglichPolitical Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


Yikes !!! Ocasio-Cortez: We Need A ‘Multigendered, Multigeographic’ United States

The United States of America needs to be “multigendered” and “multigeographic,” according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who endorsed fellow socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at the “Bernie’s Back Rally” in New York on Saturday.

The freshman lawmaker and “Squad” member officially endorsed Sanders during a rally in Queensbridge Park in Long Island City, New York, on Saturday and called for more diversity in the U.S., arguing that it should not only be “multiracial” and “multigenerational” but “multigeographic” and “multigendered.”

“We need a United States that really, truly, and authentically is operated, owned, and decided by working – and all – people in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez said to applause.

“That is what it – it is multiracial, multigendered, multigenerational, and multigeographic,” she said, failing to elaborate on what that specifically looks like.

“We have to come together, not ignoring our differences but listening to them, prioritizing them, understanding injustice,” she continued.

The socialist lawmaker also implied that rampant racism is still alive and well in the U.S., telling the crowd that it is essential to understand “that we operate in a context where slavery evolved into Jim Crow, evolved into mass incarceration, [and] evolved into the realities we have today.”


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