Biblical Israelites Tribes Of Dan in Germany and ancient Germans

 According to the Torah, and the Bible, the tribe consisted of the descendants of Dan, a son of Jacob and Bilhah, Rachel's maidservant (Genesis 30:4). In the biblical account, Dan is one of the two children of Bilhah, the handmaid of Jacob's wife Rachel, the other child of Bilhah being Naphtali.

 This is a work in progress. Below the translation only is included, and thanks to our good brothers in England and Bavaria. Eventually this page will be broken into sections, and some comments offered, since while we agree with the general theme of Senstius' work, we do not agree on all of the details. - WRF

The Tribes Of The Israelites and ancient Germans

By Paul Senstius

With the three Family Tree Records

The Genealogy of the Israelites and ancient Germans

The family tree of the Burgundians

The political relationships of the Goth

These two children, first one is Hitler.

This one above is a American Indian.

 The sources of tribal information vary considerably that relate to the ancient Israelites and subsequent transformation into the various German tribes. These foreign records from Roman and Greek universities, although differing, can be clarified to show the Israelite origin of the Germans some of which even appeared temporally for a short time alongside German records. This is in contrast to the Israelite records in the Old Testament which, strike a historical bell with the ancient Germans as being superficially similar to theirs. However, since basic research into Zeus, the university at the time of Christ’s birth enables a corresponding historical picture to be established with further proofs. Of course this statement is inconsequential, if at first one considers the circumstances of the second BC millennium. Now starts the Old Testament period. Here, however, some frequent comments will be necessary on its historical statements which are known only to a narrow circle of the scholars. The historical books of the Old Testament, particularly the 5 books of Moses that refer back to different sources since the Babylonian captivity which are paralleled in subsequent history. If the divorce also remained not without contradiction, particularly until it was delved into in more detail. However, a certain consensus about the questions raised in the Old Testament writings was shown. On the other hand, it remains debatable to a large extent as to how far these sources are historically usable. For this reason, the following presentation will give significant clues.

 In order to understand the Old Testament, it is necessary to understand the nature of the historical representation of the people of Israel through the three family patriarchs - fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob including their sons, grandsons etc. - this popular type of tradition is generally quite transparent. However, the traditional view sometimes impedes one’s understanding of reality. After all, strangely enough, the source material is extensive. The most important are brought to mind here: the story of the birth of Jacob’s sons (Genesis 29-31: 30-24); the enumeration of Jacob’s descendants, who moved to Egypt with him (Genesis 46: 8-27); the second enumeration (Numbers 26: 1-51); the Deborah song a poem from the judges’ period. Jacob’s blessing (Genesis 49). Later the blessing on Moses (Deuteronomy 33), from an earlier king period.

 The task placed before me, is to show that the formation of the tribes in the Old Testament is exactly the same as the Germans. However, of course it is not to be overlooked that the Old Testament German sources over the last 1½ millennium are divided. The reason being, that the names have disappeared over such a long period. However, the disparity is not so great. Firstly, the acceptance of Christianity by the Germans was a completely new era of tribal nation building and linguistic changes. Their conversion left the greatest mark in all of their 3½ thousand years of history.

 As the oldest, i.e. Jacob’s mightiest sons, appear the four elder sons of Leah: Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah. Reuben as the firstborn must be leader of the tribe. However, if we refer back to the Old Testament we will get a surprise. In Deborah’s song, their political idleness is accentuated rather mockingly. Jacob's blessing meant this "first in authority and first in power", that he is not the first in reality, and the Moses' blessing virtually fears his downfall. From the second and third oldest son Simeon and Levi in Jacob's blessing claims, they were distributed in Jacob and distracted in Israel, they would therefore have been worn down completely. Accordingly Deborah’s song skips these two lines with total silence; also it does the same with Moses' blessing as with Simeon and actually also with Levi. Because Levi exuberantly celebrated it here, he is not the main line but only that of the priesthood, joined together apparently but only in a later king era and then from families of quite a different origin to form a new bogus line with a time honoured name. Later tradition gave this pseudo-line accommodation for Simeon as an inheritance, in 48 cities, namely sites where old atrocities had occurred as recorded in Joshua 19, 1-9 but this was illusory as it was expressly said that the divided areas belong to Judah, accordingly as directed. There are no known conquests of Simeon but only conquests of Judah. 1,1-21. This tribe is better than it first seems; closer examination shows it to have the selfsame fate as with the three older tribes here. However, it is characteristic that Deborah’s song is also completely silent over Judah. Genesis 38 mentions that Judah took a Canaanite to wife, therefore this tribe mixes itself early with the Canaanites and consequently the loss of two sons which could only be made good through incest with his daughter-in-law Tamar. Tamar is a Canaanite city in the south. Only through his weakness in associating with her rests succession of Judah to form gradually a considerable new, nascent tribe, that admittedly calling itself Judah, but little to do with its ethnic composition, of the original tribe of same name. Therefore the extremely pertinent fact is­ the probability of Judah being counted as of Jacob’s family, but never to Israel. So, at first the puzzling picture then emerges that the four eldest tribes, that would lead all of the people, until the most wretched remains vanished. One therefore is forced to disprove such suppositions in order to explain the current situation.

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Your welcome Tiffany, more then happy to bring the truth into view.

Perhaps you can enlighten us as to how the above graph brings anything into view as it is illeglible and even if can be read,  it proves nothing... Nothing, except someone spent a lot of time laying out a chart with names on it.

Without supporting documents... birth, death, and marriage documents it means nothing.

 And Mr. Nelson stated their is no evidence of the Tribes of Dan.

The above article is a nonsensical collection of jibberish... It proves nothing, except some people like to advance conjecture, without any basis in substaintiated fact... that some people want to advance their theories based on personal bias.

Hank... I did not say there is no evidence for the Tribe of Dan... On the contrary I said there was no current source for Genetic comparison... too determine who may be of the tribe of Dan... no current day members of the Tribe.

You really need to work on your reading deficit... 

 Beautifully created, perfect research, thank you Tiffany and Rosie.

Did you even read what the author wrote... if you did please explain what he said and how he arrives at his conclusions. The Author fails to report any independent, verifiable evidence, to support his dance with folly... the article is full of conjecture. 

Beautifully created, perfect research, thank you.

What... not a single shred of proof that German's are decendents of the tribe of Dan or that Native American's are part of the Tribe of Dan... none.

More then enough, got over 1266 views and comments at my website.

Hits on your website are not proof that its contents are true.... In fact, some of the most rediculous and phony conspiracy websites get large numbers of curriosity seekers... looking to see just how idiotic and delusional some people have become.

P/S only 69 views on this website.




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