• He's dead, how in the hell does this Devilcrat  even think what Lincoln would do ,  dopie  Chaney  join  the devilcrat  party . That's were you belong .

  • W-O-W-!

  • Like I said once a brainless idiot stupid person always a stupid idiot person 

  • Yep he's lost his ever loving mind!!!  Lincoln would have Hoyer shot!!

  • Surely as Jesus would be a communist!

  • Of course a devildemocommiecrat would say that, lying is all they do!!!!!  cheney is a TRAITOR only interested in personal power and wealth!!!!!  This is more of their plot to destroy America and turn it into the ussa, a 3rd world puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship under satan and his minions in America!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a complete idiot

  • I very much doubt it - Lincoln loved this country and tried to save it.  Liz Chaney loves power and is trying to destroy the country.  Don't see a lot they would agree on there!

  • A devious, treacherous distortion of history -- both of older history & modern history.

    A lying liar lying.

  • The Democrats Ignorance will never stop to amaze me

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