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      Timeline of Pandemic Planning

      A Timeline—Pandemic and Erosion of Freedoms Have Been Decades in the Making • Children's Health Def…
      CHD has put together a timeline of selected events, from before the coronavirus’s origins to the rationale for continued lockdowns, and invites reade…
    • I have Marine friends who take hydroxychloroquine all the time.  It is probably the safest drug ever.


      Origininally chloroquine was used to treat malaria and it had great success except for a small number there were serious side efffects.  It came into use 70+ years ago.


      Hydroxychloroquine is a variant created to eliminate the side effects and it has had great success and doctors prescribe it off label for a number of things also with impressive success.


      15 years ago Fauci is on video touting how great a cure it is for corona virus.  There are lots of variations but they look the same under a microscope.  Thing is IT IS NOT A CURE FOR CORONA VIRUS.  So why did he tout it and now disparage it?   So simple it is ridiculous.  Ever notice Cold-Ease contains vitamin C plus zinc?  When a virus "eats" a zinc molecule what happens is it can no longer reproduce.  But, the CV is smart and will not "eat" a zinc molecule unless it gets tricked.  Hence HCQ.  It does only one thing - it tricks the CV to open up and "eat" zinc.

      In 5 days CV dies out to the extenct there is not even a trace left.  People hours from death have gotten out of their bed in 2 hours after taking.


      Dr. Didier Raoult, the number one virologist in the world, knew this so right away when CV19 was known to exist he started clinical trials and filed the results with the FDA March 17, 2020.

      Doctors in the worst hit part of NYC had amazing results curing virtually all their patients except for a couple whose co-morbidities killed them anyway.


      So, why the fuss?  HCQ treatment costs $20.  Fauci and Bill Gates, two people tied at the hip, are heavily invested in vaccines and one dose pays them $1000 and if administered in a hospital $4500. 


      To date there is not one vaccine effective against any coronavirus.  The Moderna one just tested on 20 people almost killed 3 of them.  It genetically modifies a person's genes.  The craziest most dangerous medical game ever.  Go see what Gates has planned...

      Brave New World of Bill Gates


      How Bill Gates Controls Global Messaging and Censorship • Children's Health Defense
      Bill Gates is the world’s largest vaccine producer and the single largest donor to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC Foundation. Those…
    • Fauci and Birx need to be executed for withholding this drug... it is a cure and a prophylactic... tens of thousands are needlessly dying and all those who know this drug works and are in a position to promote it are co-conspirators in murder... we must have justice over this pandemic... Bill Gates needs to be terminated with prejudice... for his blocking of the use of HQC and ZInc...  Genocide may be the proper term as this virus targets the aged, poor, and medically compromised.

      It is time for the President to fire the Directors of the FDA, CDC and Secretary of Health and Human Services... as engaging in a Holocaust targeting the old, poor and medically compromised. This is now beyond mere concern... it is a crime against humanity.

    • An out of the country person told me yesterday Fauci needs his head aerated.


    • it's going to get ugly as the day goes by.

    • I don't EVER EVER EVER follow anybody's polls.  They all can rig their questions to get the answers they want to get.  And if we'd had believed the polls in the Trump/Clinton election, Trump had NO CHANCE of ever winning the election.  

    • my question is where do they get their polls?

    • Jeff...

      I heard that they imported their Polls from Poland... and that they forgot to order a polish dictionary... so, they are having some serious problems understanding what they mean...some say Biden is ahead by 20 points and others claim they are not polls at all but discarded Christmas wish lists ... others say they are ticker tape from the 1920 All Saints parade in Warsaw... still others claim they are encrypted messages from aliens debating on how they can mail-in their ballots and get them here in time.

      Take your pick... go to Start-a-Poll.Com and place your order... for or against and give us a point spread... polling fees are 100,000.00 per point in the spread.   Just remember, all things are possible when you cheat... I mean believe .. that's it ... all things are possible only believe.  However, if that doesn't work... cheat, cheat again, and cheat some more until you get the correct results.  All polls subject to change without notice, no refunds, cash payments in advance.

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      Biden's screw ups yesterday pretty much mean that the Democrats are going to have to replace him. And, the one poll way over sampled democrats. When you see those polls, look for the demographics on them. That is how you can tell what they are up to.

    • it's interesting to say the least

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