• Many Blacks and other minorities have become the victims of socialist ideology... whereby, the left promotes the social theory that the poor are victims of predatory capitalist... that labor is the victim of those who control the means of production (the wealthy). However, this is not necessarily true.. as Godly commerce and capitalism don't make slaves out of men... Godly capitalism liberates man so he may achieve his full potential through personal achievement... the use of one's talents to succeed in life.

      I am reminded how the Lord instructs us not to muzzle the ox... to cheat labor, nor is the laborer to deny his employer, a fair day's work for a day's pay... Instead, Godly commerce and social intercourse are conducted with a just scale and equal measure ... Giving to every man... laborer and capitalist... an equitable share in every commercial exchange.. .No one is to be cheated or taken advantage... All parties are then satisfied and social justice is maintained.

      However, we don't have Godly commerce anymore... and both labor and capital seek to reap where they have not sown or too, leverage their privilege and market advantage for a greater share than they have rightly earned. We must return Godly precepts to govern our commercial enterprise and labor if we are to maintain social justice.

      The socialist would misinform the minority of their right to set the terms of employment and markets beyond reason... seeking to gain an advantage and too reap where they have not sown. A capitalist would use market advantages and their privileged positions to negotiate wages below market rates reaping windfall profits... profits not earned thru innovation or superior products and sales... but by abusing labor and often disadvantaged consumers...  both parties are at fault and social justice is lost in the ensuing race to take advantage of one another instead of seeking a just and Godly commercial exchange. 

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    • And that is the rub.  Demonrats and schools have deceived and told the lie so long that everyone simply believes it.


      Your role in fixing this is paramount.  The blacks who do not comprehend how to behave in a free market economy will remain terrified where their food comes from.


      First though, you must become well versed in the subject and Thomas Sowell is a great place to start.


    • I understand where you coming from but on the other hand, they're a lot of black people still believe that America is a racist country and they still believe that they are still in the slavery days.

    • My experience very similar.  We had awesome gardens.  Much money was wasted on stuff like beer which would be better added to buy local even if prices were a bit higher.

      Self-reliance has the most benefits.


    • HG...

      I had a slightly different experience while growing up... welfare was not available, food stamps did not exist, health insurance, housing, and energy assistance were absent... Accepting aid from the county general relief funds or the Church was considered a moral stain on one's character and my father and grandfather never took such funds... not even unemployment insurance when it finally became available. 

      I recall stories of my uncles and their children refusing general relief assistance from the county and the stigma attached to those who did.  The non-existent welfare programs resulted in individuals and families adapting and improvising to generate income...  They were willing to do everything from picking farm produce in the fields, too collecting recyclables... pop-bottles, newspaper, aluminum, etc  Gardens were everywhere an expected part of a family's food source.  People had access to farmers markets, direct purchases from the local dairy, eggs, and chickens were readily available... people baked their own bread, dressed out their own livestock and generally had the ability to feed themselves with a little help for the neighborhood grocer... no supermarkets.

      Perhaps we need to diversify our economic resources once more... decentralize the monopolies driving up food costs... purchase directly from farmers and livestock producers and tell Safeway, Wal Mart, and the other mega-retailers no thanks... we can find it cheaper and of greater quality elsewhere... maybe just maybe our forefathers were correct... self reliance and local markets are the best option for a healthy and prosperous society... what do you think?

      All forms of work were considered honorable and preferable to welfare... of course widows and dependent children or the handicapped were expected to be enrolled in government assistance.

    • Blacks need to interact with God fearing whites to learn about how to engage in a free market economy.  The principles have nothing to do with race. 


      Notice I said "God fearing".  There are many holdovers from the plantation mentality days and they must be avoided.  In my book engaging with them justifies the term "Uncle Tom".


      One more thing.  My dad made me cut lawns, weed gardens, wash windows, and such when I was about 10 and asked for a new two wheel bike.


      Guess what?  I bought it myself.  And I learned how to create economic opportunities for myself. Had absolutely nothing to do with race.  But a stable family did help.

    • Without the knowledge of how to engage in a free market economy great fear can set in and desperation to find any source of income - even from government handouts - gets resorted to.


      Why Johnson (hate to refer to him as president) laughed that blacks would vote forever for D's while signing the welfare bill.  I think there is still video of it.


      Welfare was designed so a married husband and wife got very small benefits.  Single mothers made out like bandits.  The obvious happened.  No marriages and one woman would have children to six men.  The family unit GONE.


      That contributed to poor education because a stable family unit makes for a much healthier study environment.  And few if any learned how to operate successfully in our economy.


      Just taking away benefits and "forcing" blacks (mostly) to find a job is a recipe for crime.  Fortunately today there appears a much better comfort level for blacks (mostly) to engage in the economy.


      MOST OF WHAT I'M WRITING IS WITH JEFF NONCENT IN MIND.  Black people who finally understand the fantastic blessings God gave them via America might prove to be the bast assets to freedom ever.  Too bad it started with slavery but God has a better plan in mind.


      By the way, I'd be in BIG doo doo without the Temptations or Earth Wind and Fire or the O'Jays.  I'm a drummer and my teacher is...

      Jim holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He owns and runs The Jim Wall Percussive Arts Academy at The Blue Buddha Music Studio in Cleveland, Ohio, a premier learning facility and a state of the art recording studio.


      Find Jim here...

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    • And if that was not good enough thry this guy out...

      Dr. Walter E. Williams

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