• Yes ! I am Black I was born in Haiti and I came to the United State when I was 12 years old which was back in 1977. Gregory.

    • Do you know we likely would not have beaten England and become America had it not been for contributions of Blacks?  And I'm not speaking of slaves.

      Again, I defer to Dr. Barton.

    • You think that 4% made that much difference?

    • 4% is who won the war.


    • And the reason you think that would be.............


    • Truth is 3% of the citizenry fought and won the American Revolutionary War.




      And that begs the question why we are in lockdown?


    • that is interesting because most black person think we're still in the slavery time.

    • Slavery, as it turns out, had God ordained benefits to blacks.  There is not enough time or space to get into this here.   Like I said, our son-in-law is from Nigeria.  Africa is riddled with horrors that do not, for the most part, exist in America.  Most early slaves were sold into slavery by other blacks.  But, getting out of that environment to one that eventually would provide real freedom and opportunity one could argue is well worth transistioning via slavery.


      Many slave owners realized their slaves had brains and skills like any other human.  And they treated them as equals but kept them under the umbrella of slavery, with the understanding of their slaves, to protect them from other slave owners who had no respect for life.  In fact, they were better educated than most college graduates today.  And again, who knows this?


      Great tensions built between those who wanted blacks to be recognized as full members of the Human race with equal rights and those who just needed "machines" to plant and pick their crops.  The Klu Klux Klan, run by the bad dudes, used terror to disuade blacks from seeking freedom.


      That is the start of the Democrat Party and defines equally well who they are today.  Slick dudes, evil too, who concocted a way to suppress the education of blacks and destroy the black family all under the guise of "they care more."  What a crock.


      Before, but much more after the Civil War blacks had very, and I mean very, successful businesses and stood as members of Congress.  A tremendous Republican achievement.

      But the battle raged to ":put them in their place" by those who just wanted crop pickers.  At this point it would be extremely profitable to watch the two hour documentary by Dr. Barton.  He delves into all this in great detail.  I've shown this publicly in churches and two things cannot be missed.  The audience is GLUED to the screen.  Blacks come up to me afterward and say, "Why have we not been taught this in school?"


      Hillsdale College does and a few others like it but most schools are run by Demonrats who are scared to death of truth.


    • I agree with you 100% but there is a problem and that is the black people are there own worst enemy all though I am a black man I have seen it in clear as day here in America and other parts of the world.

    • Many Blacks and other minorities have become the victims of socialist ideology... whereby, the left promotes the social theory that the poor are victims of predatory capitalist... that labor is the victim of those who control the means of production (the wealthy). However, this is not necessarily true.. as Godly commerce and capitalism don't make slaves out of men... Godly capitalism liberates man so he may achieve his full potential through personal achievement... the use of one's talents to succeed in life.

      I am reminded how the Lord instructs us not to muzzle the ox... to cheat labor, nor is the laborer to deny his employer, a fair day's work for a day's pay... Instead, Godly commerce and social intercourse are conducted with a just scale and equal measure ... Giving to every man... laborer and capitalist... an equitable share in every commercial exchange.. .No one is to be cheated or taken advantage... All parties are then satisfied and social justice is maintained.

      However, we don't have Godly commerce anymore... and both labor and capital seek to reap where they have not sown or too, leverage their privilege and market advantage for a greater share than they have rightly earned. We must return Godly precepts to govern our commercial enterprise and labor if we are to maintain social justice.

      The socialist would misinform the minority of their right to set the terms of employment and markets beyond reason... seeking to gain an advantage and too reap where they have not sown. A capitalist would use market advantages and their privileged positions to negotiate wages below market rates reaping windfall profits... profits not earned thru innovation or superior products and sales... but by abusing labor and often disadvantaged consumers...  both parties are at fault and social justice is lost in the ensuing race to take advantage of one another instead of seeking a just and Godly commercial exchange. 

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