• The political left in its many manifestations throughout history, currently the Democrats, in the more recent past socialist/communist and their many euphemisms, royalty with many terms denoting their exalted status, and tribal rule extending back into prehistory have all viewed rights as being privileges to be granted or denied by them.
    We would not have an American republic with constitutional rights had not those opposed to the idea realized they would be shot, hung, or ostracized for their stance.
    They and their political descendants have been at work ever since to erode and water down our natural rights with an avowed intention of eliminating them in the future.
    The statements of many on the left clearly show their intentions.

    Mz Baker is a clear example of this and comments like her's if continued at an ever-increasing frequency will result in many of the left meeting an untimely demise. The Donald should remove her from government service. 

  • Ok so lets see she is white start there and then we can talk.  RACIST if ever it was that.   

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