To the FBI, and other LEOs


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Spread the following far and wide, Law Enforcement will see it.  It will go viral IF we all spread it.  
Dear FBI,
You know your leadership has been politicized -- YOU KNOW IT!  Yet, you do NOTHING!  
Why do you think that piece of tin (badge) makes you special?  Do you not know that the tin does NOT make you special, but that it is up to you to make the tin special?  
As a cop it was up to me to make the badge special.  It was up to me to make people respect the badge.  I was but a representative of what the badge stood for:  Integrity, Honesty, Fealty to the Constitution.  Does that not apply to you?  
Why do you NOT stand up and speak out?!
I remember I was often in front of the Sheriff, defending my actions and decisions.  I NEVER LOST BECAUSE I NEVER BETRAYED MY OATH TO THE PUBLIC AND THE CONSTITUTION! ! !
Is your paycheck and retirement, AT THE EXPENSE OF THOSE YOU SWORE AN OATH TO PROTECT, really that important?!  
I could go on, but you know what I'm saying, DON'T YOU?!
"All that is necessary for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".
Your call,
Oren Long 
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"This above all else, to thine own self be true, and it shall follow as night follows day, thou canst not be false to any man".  -- Shakespeare
Oren Long

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