Thursday Executive News Summary

Thursday Executive News Summary

Top of the Fold

“Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Robert Manfred decided to move the All-Star Game on his own after holding extensive discussions with voting rights groups associated with Lebron James, scumbag/worthless-Stacey Abrams and Rev. scumbag-Al Sharpton, sources familiar with the move tell Fox News. scumbag/worthless-Abrams and scumbag-Sharpton told the commissioner players would boycott the game if not. Sources say that scumbag/worthless-Abrams’ current stance, that she is disappointed about the Georgia boycott, is suspect as she was a key player in the decision.”

  • Political theater: Officer William Evans to lie in honor in Capitol Rotunda (WORLD)

Editor’s Note: To be clear, it’s not that Officer Evans isn’t deserving of honor. The problem is that the Left will keep using these law enforcement deaths — which they otherwise ignore — to perpetuate a narrative and keep the new Capitol security features permanent.

Government & Politics
  • socialist/scumbag/liar-Biden issues new anti-Second Amendment actions (Fox News) | socialist/scumbag/liar-Biden’s ATF director nominee: AR-15 weapons of war should be regulated like machine guns (TTAG)

  • “I don’t care”: scumbag/liar-Andrew Cuomo ignored accuser’s warning when he allegedly groped her at governor’s mansion (Washington Times)

  • For the record: Trump says Matt Gaetz never asked him for a pardon (Washington Times)

National Security
  • “The socialist/scumbag/liar-Biden administration is now presiding over the abuse of children”: Allegations emerge of sexual assault at Texas child migrant facility (Fox News)

  • U.S. restores terrorism-subsidizing aid for the Palestinians (

Around the Nation
  • Better late than never: Pennsylvania agrees to remove 20,000 dead citizens from voter rolls (Washington Times)

  • Facing imminent recall election, scumbag-Gavin Newsom announces California will fully reopen June 15 (Disrn)

  • Federal court rules Wayne State University discriminated against Christian club that — get this — mandates Christian leaders (Disrn)

Odds & Ends
  • 64 percent correctly view cancel culture as threat to freedom (The Hill)

  • Best-selling devotional includes prayer asking God to help author “hate white people” (Disrn)

  • Wayne LaPierre’s executive assistant used $40,000 of NRA funds to pay for a wedding (TTAG)

‘Non Compos Mentis’ Journalism Award
  • Why it took decades for LGBTQ stories to be included in Holocaust history (Time)
‘Captain Obvious’ Headline Award
  • Trust in CDC during coronavirus pandemic saw declines, survey suggests (NY Post)
Stranger Than Faction
  • Geologist beaten up by “angriest octopus” on beach in Australia (Yahoo)
Closing Arguments
    • Policy: The social construction of racism in the United States (Manhattan Institute)

    • Policy: Face it: Trump’s tax cuts weren’t so bad (AEI)

    • Satire: “60 Minutes” releases exclusive secret photos of Ron DeSantis clubbing baby seals with Hitler (Babylon Bee)  

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