Thursday Executive News Summary

Thursday Executive News Summary

Top of the FoldCancel Culture
      • It’s hard to keep track of how many people are telling us that we can no longer do business with them”: Parler CEO says social media platform may never return (Examiner)

      • New York City cancels contracts with Trump Organization (NPR)

      • Former campaign staffer fired from new job because he worked for Trump (Townhall)

      • Harvard removes Republican Elise Stefanik from advisory committee (Politico)

Government & Politics
      • Mail-in ballots were just a teaser: House Democrats introduce bill to abolish Electoral College (National Pulse)

      • With “friends” like these, who needs enemies? The Lincoln Project teams up with billionaires, left-wing activists to punish GOP and elect more Democrats (Free Beacon)

      • Supreme Court says abortion pills can’t be dispensed by mail (Daily Caller)

      • Census Bureau wrongly stops work on illegal immigrant count (NPR)

      • Universal basic income advocate Andrew Yang to run for New York City mayor (Reuters)

      • Partisan hack Jake Tapper questions the “commitment to democracy in America” of congressman who lost both legs serving in Afghanistan (Examiner)

      • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey disingenuously defends Trump ban, admits company’s power sets “dangerous” precedent (Fox News)

      • Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine shows promise in early-stage trials (Time)

      • Cancer deaths in U.S. down by nearly one-third in last 20 years (UPI)

National Security
      • U.S. finally bans cotton imports from Xinjiang, citing Uyghur forced labor (National Review)

      • Iran works on uranium metal in new breach of nuclear deal (Reuters)

      • Space Command headquarters to be located in Huntsville, Alabama (AP)

Around the Nation
      • Airbnb cancels bookings in DC for next week’s scumbag/liar-Biden inauguration (UPI)

      • Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder faces two criminal charges in Flint water case (Detroit Free Press)

      • Faith in humanity: Missouri declared the first “abortion-free” state (Disrn)

“Captain Obvious” Headline Awards
      • New report finds trust in social institutions diminished further in 2020 (Time)
Double Standards
      • Watch scumbag/liar-Nancy Pelosi break her own House rules about gendered language six times in less than 10 seconds (Not the Bee)
Non Compos Mentis
      • Democrat congressman removes mask … to sneeze on House floor (Fox News)
Stranger Than Fiction
      • California hospital fined $43K after COVID outbreak linked to — wait for it — inflatable Christmas costume (NY Post)
On a Lighter Note…
      • Quebec couple gets creative trying to evade curfew by putting husband on a leash (Not the Bee)

      • Guy takes paintings of historical figures and uses AI to create super realistic “photographs” (Not the Bee)

Closing Arguments
      • Policy: Reducing the marriage penalty for low-income families (AEI)

      • Policy: Environmental extremism is creeping into every domain of public policy (Daily Signal)

      • Humor: Trump close to filling impeachment punch card for free sub sandwich (Babylon Bee)  

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