• Knew it was all lies about how bad is was

  • Manipulation of the American public.

  • Really, even the right wing hasn't picked up on the fact that 33 is the dog whistle? The signal has gone out to ALL insurrectionalists. Come on people, unhook your nose from your sphincter. 

    33 is a code! Truman was our 33rd pres, he dropped the atom bomb, does this mean that the deep state is going to unleash dirty bombs in America to stop Trump from putting another conservative on the supreme court and winning the election?

    • Wow, it is a signal, makes sense.

  • They are an insult to my intelligence.

  • Does this truth make you feel safer but stupid.?

  • This is probably faked guys...................BEWSARE!!!

  • What are the odds this is a contrived narrative to impose a health emergency dictatorship, 33 to 1?

  • Liars.   So many liars.  

    Not one of them concerned about what China will send us next.   

    It wasn't that long ago that it was a good practice to give the benefit of the doubt to most everybody.   Today it's so sad that there is no doubt that the majority of what we're told is a flat out lie.

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