• You remembered, barry soetoro started the war on police with his beer summit with the police officer.  Now he whispers orders in obiden's ear.  Community activists just can't quit organizing/instigating!  He still thinks he is important.  Will be interesting to see just what he is involved in.

    • Same as the others. Flesh and blood. Children's.

  • I don't blame this officer for feeling the way that he does as it seems that MSM and left wing politicians have decided that police are the bad guys. Perhaps this individual would be better served taking his experience to a smaller commiunity that still respects police...both would be better served. It won't be as exciting or provide frequent adrenaline rushes but will still call upon the skills that he has acquired working in law enforcement. From another perspective, in my lifetime of 78 years I've seen the police go from being dressed in blue uniform with badge, gun belt with weapon, and cuffs.They were an integral and welcome part of the commnity. Now, in most cases, the police are outfitted like battle bots...body armor, helmets, aviator shades, sidearms and for the most part, intimidating and total strangers. It fosters an us vs. them mentality that works both ways. I stll respect the police but have grown leary of them as I know that not all of them have my best interest at heart. At this point, I see no easy solution to the divide between police and civilians. Part of the solution would be to stiffen the penalties for assaulting police officers with either weapons or objects used as projectiles. I don't know what this officer's social life is like, but it would be beneficial if off-duty officers developed a circle of friends outside of their respective PD's. Interconnectivity between police and civilians would be helpful in breaking down that us vs. them mentality. No easy solutions here. On a personal note, I am sick of seeing the police villanized and criminals lionized by the media after being injured or killed in altercations that stem from non-compliance with a legal order given during traffic stops, domestic calls, or during the performance of other routine policing duties.

  • We need praying and support for our law enforcement. They are God’s officers to keep things from completely turning over to the wicked and evil things of this world. God Bless our Law Officers. Protect them and their families to do your work on earth until you return. In Jesus Name, Amen

  • I back the blue and will always hold them in respect. But if someone I love was an officer, I would hope and pray that they would follow this officer’s advice and leave the profession. I have seen first hand what mental disorder or what drugs lead people to do. Good luck to all the fools who believe our society will be safer with counselors answering instead of police, or boys and girls clubs keeping youth from crime. Cry me a freakin river.

  • Best of luck moving forward

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