• Very tired of all this BS! Would love to know the name of the store. I love writing letters and boycotting.

  • I wonder what running somedown would have been considered.

    Step One before moving on to enlightenment: be grateful for every act of consideration. 


    • If it is a liberal  you get a medal.

  • Get in contact with Lin Wood. He will nail them.

  • WHAT'S the name of the store ? people can call and complain to the store about this. white people should let this business and any other business that insists on persecuting white people that white people do a great deal of business with companies and if you don't want their money then fine let's make it known so we can reward them accordingly

  • It was a set up. She was standing around trying to figure out how to take down a white person for the crime of existing. 

    • Mary, that is the game plan of the very racist left, making being white a federal crime and being a conservative Christian white a crime punishable by death at the hands of a racist libtard!!!!!!!!!!

  • the Democrats are a Demonic point and simple.

  • "racism" is the bullshiite scam libtards pull out every time they are on the mat because they have no legitimate case!!!!!!!!!!  Odd how only "white" conservatives, all of us, are "racists"!!!!!

  • Sue the store!!!!!!

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