• First you impeach, then you try for treason...this should apply to Biden, Harris, Schumer and , my fave, Nancy.

  • China Joe is nothing more then a "TOOL" that the likes of Nancy Pelosi is using to secure their power  over "We The People."

    Getting rid of Nancy will go a long way in securing to future of this republic . Impeach Nancy Pelosi !!!!

  • My all time favorite is Public Drawing and Quartering!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Too bad someone like him isn't in charge

  • Impeachment is not a criminal action... it is the Constitutional process of removing impeachable members of the government for high crimes and misdemeanors... once convicted and removed the individual impeached can be prosecuted for their criminal conduct.. Treason is a capital offense.  Other high crimes and misdemeanors carry a wide range of fines and prison time.

  • All this time i thought giving aid and comfort to our enemies was a serious violation. Turns out it's not, as long as you're liberal. Same thing with negotiating with terrorists, turns out, yes America does AND takes orders from terrorists. The chain of command sure has changed. I'm just being a smarta** minus the smart part. 

  • Yes impeach the TRADER  .

    • I think you mean Traitor.


    • The penalty for high crimes and misdemeanors is hanging by the neck until dead...I approve


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