• Antifa and radical leftists haven't infiltrated the Democrat Party... They have been at the core of the Democrat Party for decades... Only, now they are boldly asserting their power in a public manner anticipating overwhelming support from minorities and left-wing white progressives this election or they intend on using force to impose their will on all of America...

    This current cycle of 'Street Violence' is meant to be a warning ... a show of force, sufficient to coerce the Patriot population to accept rigged election results in November... Make no mistake this is a dry run to intimidate and coerce the public and our elected officials into accepting whatever the left dictates.

    • it really begin on the Obama regim since he was the first black president all hell break loose and he said out of his own mouth he will transformed America and that he did.


    • That's what I mean, evil has made inroads into the democrat party, it started decades ago and slowly gained ground, they're not not even hiding now. Apparently easier to influence democrats..

  • The demon party has infiltrated the democrat party, hijacked the name, and it's infiltrating the republic

  • Elections have brought us to where we are...  The electoral system is thoroughly broken.  Massive voter and election fraud are openly practiced and we are told there is no election or voter fraud... the People have lost their franchise on the ballots of America... the dead are being resurrected in huge numbers on election day by the democrats-... and they all vote democrat.

    • I don't agree with that statement "Election have brought us to where we are" the reason why I don't ageree with that statement is because what's happening right now it's been going on ever since Obama took the office plain and simple, Obama was in the office for 8 years and that is the result of it.


    • True!  Check out the Election Integrity project being carried out by Judicial Watch.

  • Vote All DemocRats Out Of Office!

  • Vote them out. Vote them out. Vote them out.  You have that power.  Understand that they mirror what they do and believe on to there opponents.  When you understand this then you can decide if what your hearing is a mirroring effort of the truth.

    The race issue for the average American doesn't exist, Obama received 69M votes 2008.  He actually supported socialism, not individuals so only received 64M votes in 2012.  The best a Republican has recieve is 62M votes.   There are races in every race.  You promote black society is not racism.  But to tag all whites as against you is racism.    

  • this is nothing new let's start with the first black president which is Obama it started with his administration this video is going around the bush.

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