• We have a fack President and We the People must tell it to elected officials and keep it on our table every single day until they accept the truth the election was a fraud and Trump is the people's President 

  • Yeah, we all know they cheated, they know they cheated, but they don't want us to know they did. 

  • If there is "nothing to see" why are they putting up such a fuss to keep us from looking?  They have A LOT TO HIDE so they don't want anyone looking!!!!!!!!!!


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  • If there was fraud, we will find it.  When we find it, we will see who really won their race and that person will be declared the winner.  Simple.  You simply don't let a thief keep what he stole, right?  You take it back and you imprison the thief for the crime he committed. Yes, it's that simple.

    • Need to do the same in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, mich, Wisconsin 

  • The certified 'as-is' results beneficiaries stand to recieve crippling effects with significant errors.

    Other contraversial key electoral states ballot counts could become liable to examination too.

    Depending on massive errors detected, dare we expect a folding corrupt party as a result?

  • After having 2 impeachments and 1 fraudulent election' Trump can actually get a 3rd term

    • Trump was blocked at every turn during his 4 years by deep state operatives that surrounded him. He deserves another 4 years because of the communist obstruction he had to endure. If he does come back to office this year, what about the months he lost trying to straighton this mess out. He should get those months back. and then get another 4 years just to teach these communists a lesson.

    • Within the Constitutions framework, fine.


      If the President dies in office, no new election is called. Look at the succession list:

      1. Vice President
      2. Speaker of the House of Representatives
      3. President pro tempore of the Senate
      4. Secretary of State
      5. Secretary of the Treasury
      6. Secretary of Defense
      7. Attorney General
      8. Secretary of the Interior
      9. Secretary of Agriculture
      10. Secretary of Commerce
      11. Secretary of Labor
      12. Secretary of Health and Human Services
      13. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
      14. Secretary of Transporation
      15. Secretary of Energy
      16. Secretary of Education
      17. Secretary of Veterans Affairs
      18. Secretary of Homeland Security

      Note how only a few are elected office holders. The rest are appointed (as in no vote was taken to install most in office)

      This inhibits the procedural temptation to kill the leadership to prompt new elections. The Founders did it deliberately.

      So the certified results are 'As-Is' and cannot be reversed. The D.C. cabal knew this. This is why I was screaming my head off (along with the Colonel who convinced me) that the national disgrace, Mike Pence, should exercise the Jeffersonian strategy as President of the Senate! Electoral Certification is chisled in stone. Once done, it cannot be undone.

      As lovely an idea as you have, I don't think it is doable. But a better long term solution may be unfolding before us.

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