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Former Illinois Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich says he knew the playbook the FBI was running against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn — because they used it on him first.

In an exclusive statement to the Daily Caller, Blagojevich explained that his firsthand knowledge of the way the FBI operated in his case gave him unique insight into the way that Flynn — like so many others in President Donald Trump’s inner circle — was treated in the early days of the Russia investigation.

“In my long and unhappy experience, I saw how they use trickery and deceit as legal tools. They lie and they cheat; they manipulate and minimize evidence; they hide and cover up exculpatory evidence – evidence that proves innocence. And to this day, in my case, they are still covering up tape recordings they made because those tapes show innocence,” Blagojevich told the Caller.

The former governor also said that the prosecution against him had only used about 1% of the recorded phone conversations and the rest had been sealed, a move that prevented him from using the remainder of the recorded calls in his own defense.

This, he said, was eerily similar to the way the documents in Flynn’s case were buried until last week — documents that appeared to show a concerted effort by the FBI to get Flynn to lie, thus giving them leverage over him that they could use to get him fired or to get through him to President Donald Trump.

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  • The FBI was corrupt under J Eager Hoover why would it NOT be corrupt today under Comey and Wray? Furthermore, I do not believe 99% are great. Perhaps 85% is but no more. However, the FBI is just the tip of the iceberg other intelligence agencies are also corrupted. The FBI is/was the federal police force OBAMA promised in his campaign.

    The FBI has always had a corrupt component make no mistake about that! Today it is more like the KGB and once it turns on our own citizens politically it should be destroyed completely.

    • I worked in the Federal Government, twice for just under three years (to get career status you need to have three uninterrupted years of employment). I got a lot accomplished because I was not interested in career status only results.  Got a lot accomplished but made a lot of enemies among fellow employees and management.  The civilian agency was run by the military and I worked well with the Commanding Officers.  However, when they left I had to leave since the civilian management work start isolating me and taking away projects  This happened both times, including when I was in Iraq.  Got a Superior Civilian Service Award for volunteer work in Iraq, but when I came home to US office, I was encouraged to retire.  Between military and government service I had more than 10 years and I was 62 at the time and was qualified for retirement benefits, so I did retire.  I could list many problems with the government, but I will just say this, 1) I have very little respect for senior management bureaucrats; and 2)  when it come to work output about 20-25% percent of the lower GS level employees perform at 100 percent of more of the work, 60 percent perform at about 50-75%, 15 percent do very little work, and 5% spend all their time in a negative performance mode by creating problems and interferring with everyone else's work-I am probably being generous with these figures.

    • I also worked for the federal government civil service as a pilot. I could write a book about all the waste, pilferage and corruption I saw. People do not realize how bad it really is. There are some good people who want to do right when they first come into government service but that attitude quickly fades once in.

      Government is inherently corrupt, all government. The larger the government the more the corruption. As long as this government keeps expanding or even if it just stays the size it is today it will remain corrupt. Draining the swamp is a never ending chore because just like Wray the replacement becomes corrupted soon after entering service. After all director Wray was put there to clean up the FBI and he has done nothing or nearly nothing at least nothing that is visible.

    • with that said we are screwed big time because the government doesn't know what they are doing.

    • Trump can change that by downsizing the government and making pay raises based on real performance, and making government employees subject to firing for poor performance, unethical practices, etc. (which really do not exist for the career employees).

    • Reducing the size of government is the only way it will or can ever be streightened out.  Nothing else can work. I worked for government for 28 years.  

    • How is he going to do that?

    • Freeze hiring and when people retire do not replace them for starters.  Institute valid performance standards, appraisals, and fire people if they do not meet the performance standards.  Get rid of the unions in the government.  They are not necessary and only make things worse, since they are political and reward poor performance.

    • I agree with you I didn't like union anyway.

    • Bingo! and another thing Obama was in charge of the FBI for 8 years and he doesn't follow the constitution that's the reason I believe the first thing that Donald Trump should have done the first 100 days in office is to put all of the Obama administration on trial because it's going backfire on him and look at everything Donald Trump does the Democrats hate him for it.

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